Affiliate Video Power Pack 2.0 Review

Episode 219 – Affiliate Video Power Pack 2.0 Review

5.0 01 Affiliate Video Power Pack 2.0 Review Goes Live on Aug 31st @ 10AM EST   One of the biggest problems affiliate marketers on YouTube have is creating high quality videos that give you a chance of either getting leads or converting. No point ranking or taking out ads if you cannot convert right?…

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New Adwords Interface

Youtube Ads and New Adwords Interface

5.0 01 How to Set up a Youtube Ad in the  New Adwords Interface In this post and video, I’ll show you how to set up a YouTube In-stream Ad using the new Google Adwords Interface. This is the first time I have taken out an In-stream ad using the new interface but it’s all…

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Adreel Review

Episode 218 – Adreel Review [Video Ads Templates]

5.0 03 Adreel Review Click here Monday July 31st at11AM EST– Closes Friday August 4th  Adreel Review – If you have been a reader of the reviews on this site, a member of the FB group or simply following my stuff for any amount of time, you’ll know I am a huge fan of video…

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