Destiny Review

Episode 255 – Destiny Review – Is it any good?

Destiny Review Thurs July 26th 10AM EST LAUNCH ENDS: July 31st 23:59PM EST   Sometimes, I can be a bit old school. There are so many new ideas and concepts released and I feel people need to master the basics before jumping into bed with everything. When I heard about a new product called Destiny, I thought…

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One Hour Indexing Review

Episode 253 – One hour Indexing Review

One hour Indexing Review If you want to rank your videos and articles in Google, then at some point, you are going to need to venture out into the world of backlinks. But what many folk fail to realize is that in order for your links to be of any value, they need to be…

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Pro Rank Tracker Review

Episode 252 – Pro Rank Tracker Review

Pro Rank Tracker Review When you are a content creator, you need a way of accurately tracking your rankings in Google, Youtube and so on.  If you check manually, the results will not be accurate. As Google advances, they have added a ton of variables that can affect what a user sees. Search History: A…

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Click Animate Review

Episode 251 – Click Animate Review

Click Animate Review Goes Live July 5th at 11AM EST When reviewing a product a few things are crucial to me.  The actual product of course Who is behind it To me, the creator having a good track record and being someone who I can trust is essential. A good product is no good if,…

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Wave.Video Review

Episode 250 – Wave.Video Review

Wave.Video Review Despite the unusual name, is a video maker designed for people who market on Social Media, particularly videos on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. And let’s face it, that is almost everyone. The biggest selling point is that it can take one video and instantly re-size it to approximately 30+ formats. So this…

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YouTube Ads For Local Review

Episode 249 – YouTube Ads for Local Review

YouTube Ads for Local Review I’m keeping this short and sweet. I was asked inside of Video Marketing Insider about this offer called YouTube Ads for local. As I had never heard of it so I ended up buying it and the first OTO. I did this so I could make this review. If you’ve…

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GMB Local Review

Episode 248 – GMB Local Review

Google My Business / GMB Local Review One of the greatest things about not being part of the circle jerk crew is that others who feel the same come into your sphere of influence. A while back now ( maybe two years) I met, at least in an online sense a guy called Paul Truscott.…

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Lingo Blaster Review

Episode 247 – Lingo Blaster Review

Lingo Blaster Review Goes live June 15th at 11AM EST One of the benefits of me living in Japan is the ability to raise my two daughters in a bi-lingual environment. They speak English with me, Japanese with my wife and that not only gives them a skill for the future, but exposes them to…

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How to Backup and Restore your YouTube Videos

How to Backup and Restore your YouTube Videos

How to Backup and Restore your YouTube Videos If you have a YouTube channel that you have spent a lot of time creating and promoting, and your account gets banned by YouTube (which happens to marketers EVERY SINGLE DAY) then you’re out of luck. This has happened to both my friends and I. Sometimes for…

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Ecom Vantage Review

Episode 246 E-com Vantage Review

E-com Vantage Review I’m pretty sure most of you have never heard of E-com Vantage. And there are reasons for that. For those who have and have joined, that’s a damn good thing. To them, the less that know about this the better. After all, the quality of the training and the level of support…

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