Video Content Pack Review

Episode 299 – Video Content Pack Review

5.0 01 Video Content Pack Review Launches Wednesday, September 18th 10AM EST.  Ends -Sunday, September 22nd Crafting good quality video content is one of the toughest elements of being a video marketer. Even more so when you want to do it consistently. So when my friend, Steve Chase told me he had made a new…

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Episode 298 – Social Video Ads Review

5.0 01 Social Video Ads Review Launch on Sep 16th @11AM EST Video is extraordinarily powerful if done right. Most people equate video marketing to YouTube only but it’s super powerful across multiple social media. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are a few examples. Social Video ads is by my good friend, Cham and is his…

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Affiliate Rebill Riches Review

Episode 297 – Affiliate Rebill Riches Review

5.0 01 Affiliate Rebill Riches Review Launches 10th September 2019 11am EST Affiliate marketing is an amazing business model and one that is highly profitable if down right. There are lots of great courses about the topic too. And while there are many pieces the puzzle, being able to find good quality products to promote…

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InVideo Review

Episode 296 – InVideo Review

5.0 01 InVideo Review Video content consumption is sky rocketing. Successful marketers need to take advantage of this, and incorporate video into their marketing strategy, or risk being left behind. But that in itself poses a variety of problems. The kind of video you should make The fact that different platforms require videos on different…

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Stock Nation 2 Review

Episode 295 – StockNation 2.0 Review

5.0 01 StockNation 2.0 Review Goes Live Aug 4th at 11AM EST (Price will gradually rise)   StockNation 2.0 is a searchable stock video collection of 25,000+ royalty free premium full HD videos. They claim these are not videos from other platforms but unique that have taken over a years to compile. While I cannot verify every…

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Video App Suite Review

Episode 294 – Video App Suite Review

5.0 01 Video App Suite Review Video App Suite Goes Live On… July 23 3PM EST (7 Day Launch) As you know, video tools are a dime a dozen and come out all the time. At the current rate, there will be more video softwares than people living in China shortly. Now, this can mean when…

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Symphoni Review

Episode 293 – Symphoni Review

5.0 01 Symphoni Review Launch Starts: Monday July 15 @ 10AM EST ENDS: Friday July 19 @ 11:59PM EST Audio ads are one of the most exciting forms of self-serve advertising to be released in the past 2yrs. While not many people even know that Audio Ads even exist, multinational brands have jumped all over the opportunity.…

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My Video Spy Review

Episode 292 – My video Spy Review

4.7 03 My video Spy Review Goes live July 11th at 11AM EST My Video Spy is a new web-based app by Paul Venables (who I have worked with and trust). In short, it allows you to spy on competitors. Here are the steps the software allows you take: 1: IDENTIFY: Uncover niches and keywords…

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Interview by Walt Bayliss

Interview by Walt Bayliss

3.4 20 Interview by Walt Bayliss In this post, I’ll share the interview I did with Walt Bayliss.  Walt asks me about video marketing and I share some good stuff (true, I am biased). Enjoy!   Become a Video Marketing Insider

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How to create product reviews that sell

Episode 291 – How to Product Reviews that sell

2.7 06 Product Reviews that sell Unless you stand out from the crowd, you’ll blend into the background. As an affiliate marketer you can’t afford that. Your competition is tough because, give or take a bonus or two, you’re selling the same stuff as everyone else – and some of them have been around longer…

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