Interview by Walt Bayliss

Interview by Walt Bayliss

Interview by Walt Bayliss In this post, I’ll share the interview I did with Walt Bayliss.  Walt asks me about video marketing and I share some good stuff (true, I am biased). Enjoy!   Become a Video Marketing Insider

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How to create product reviews that sell

Episode 291 – How to Product Reviews that sell

Product Reviews that sell Unless you stand out from the crowd, you’ll blend into the background. As an affiliate marketer you can’t afford that. Your competition is tough because, give or take a bonus or two, you’re selling the same stuff as everyone else – and some of them have been around longer than you.…

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Absolute Organic Gardening

Episode 290 – Absolute Organic Gardening Review

Absolute Organic Gardening Review Goes live June 20th 10AM EST PLR stands for Private Label rights What this means is that when you buy PLR on any given topics, you are getting content, PDFs, articles, images, lead magnets, email series etc that you can use as you wish. You can rebrand it so it seems…

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Klippyo Review

Episode 289 – Klippyo Review

Klippyo Review Tuesday 28th May: Cart Opens @ 11 AM EST Klippyo is a brand new video software from the Viddyoze team. This is a solid app, created by the team who’ve worked with brands like Sony, Tesla, and Vodaphone. And the app itself has is used and fully endorsed by video marketing celebrity Derral…

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Episode 288 – Videyo Review and Bonus

Videyo Review Launches May 14th at 11AM EST Videyo is a cloud-based software that enables you to make fantastic looking videos. Yes, Just what the world needs right? Yet Another Video software. Well, If you are involved in video in any way shape or form, being able to stand out and stay ahead of the…

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Agency Blitz

Episode 287 – Agency Blitz Review

Agency Blitz Review Cart Opens – April 26th, 11:00 am Eastern Time End date – April 29th, 11:59 pm Eastern Time Agency Blitz is a set of Done For You Marketing Kits in 4 of the hottest niches:   Video Marketing Mobile Apps FB Messenger Bots Social Media Marketing Within each niche you get these:…

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Thumbnail Blaster Review

Episode 286 – Thumbnail Blaster Review

Thumbnail Blaster Review Live from April 29th 11 AM EST   Ranking videos on YouTube is one of the most highly sought after skills but few people know how to do it. And many of those who do know how, still struggle. Why? They rank poorly made videos or they rank videos that sell/promote poor…

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Episode 285 – Membersite Academy Review

Membersite Academy Review Have you ever wanted to get recurring income every single month through having a membership site? Maybe you have, maybe not but I do know that creating a proper membership site that lasts is not as easy as some folk make out. I know as I run several but my main one…

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My Traffic Jacker

Episode 284 – My Traffic Jacker Review

My Traffic Jacker Review April 18th-22nd 11AM EST Paul Venables is one of the few video marketing people I know like and trust.  There aren’t many of them but he is one. We have worked together on several projects before and he knows his stuff. I really liked his last software, video traffic genie and…

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Taking Action Online Review

Episode 283 – Taking Action Online Review

Taking Action Online Review Goes Live April 8th @ 11AM EST Overwhelm and confusion is the bane of all marketers at some point. I know when got started it seemed like there was so much to learn. Couple that with a job and family I never seemed to have enough time to move forward. For…

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