InstaThumbnail Review

Episode 93 InstaThumbnail Review

InstaThumbnail Review Goes Live Aug 4th @11AM EST InstaThumbnail Review – The most important goal of any YouTube video is to get the click. Why? Because when you get the click, you get the view. Then you get the desired action to be taken and from there, the sky is the limit. But if no-one…

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InstaLead Review

Episode 92 – Instalead Review – How to build a Laser Targeted list on Instagram

InstaLead Review – Targeted List Building on Instagram for everyone. Beginners Will like this one. InstLead is a PDF that teaches one way to build a targeted list on Instagram. Although it is aimed at the beginner, it did have some pretty cool tips which I will share in the video further down on this…

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cash avalanche review

Episode 91 – The Cash Avalanche System Review

The Cash Avalanche System Review Goes Live Aug 1st @ 9AM EST The Cash Avalanche is an odd one. I actually approached the vendor, Jon on Facebook as he was making some pretty outlandish claims. Turned out his claims were true. They guy has spent years underground making insane amounts of money selling physical products…

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Social Traffic Exposure review

Episode 90 – Social Traffic Exposure Review

Social Traffic Exposure Review Goes Live Aug 27th [email protected] 2AM EST Social Traffic Exposure is a new product by my good-self. After doing quite a lot of video trainings, I felt it was time to teach something different, especially as a lot of people who do video tend to ignore this part. With so many…

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Email Hero Review

Episode 89 – Email Hero Review

Email Hero Review – Making Money from your list with Email Launching on July 21, 2015 at 10am Eastern Email Hero Review is a video course by Nathan Zadworny. I know Nathan and he’s a very nice down to earth guy. A while back, he chose to focus on email and how to craft good…

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IM Goofball's Guide

Episode 87 – The IM Goofball’s Guide To $51 – $74 Per Hour Review

The IM Goofball’s Guide To $51 – $74 Per Hour Review Launches July 16th at 11am ET ! Wow! That was a mouthful. But long weird product name aside, what is this and why is it on my blog? Well, this is a co-launch by 2 very well-respected guys who do not launch a lot…

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List Fire Review

Episode 86 – List Fire Review

List Fire Review – YouTube ListBuilding Twist July 15th @ 8:00am EST List Fire is not about YouTube, but I’m gonna review it from the viewpoint that it is. All will be clear. Let’s look at YouTube. It’s a traffic source, just like Facebook, Instagram and others. To make it work for you, you must…

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eCom Experts Academy Review

Episode 85 – eCom Experts Academy Review

eCom Experts Academy Review Goes Live July 14th Today I am reviewing a product that came across my desk totally unexpectedly, yet was very welcome. I’ve always wanted to venture into ECommerce but have been so busy that I had always put it on the backburner. So when I got this review, I was so eager…

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VideoRankr Review

Episode 84 VideoRankr Review

VideoRankr Review Goes live July 9th 11AM EST> Meanwhile Register for the Webinar here Ranking your videos is vital. No rankings means no views means no point. And while I have taught many how to do this, there’s no denying it can be a slightly laborious process. So, when I heard about VideoRankr I was…

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Gangstagram Cash Review

Episode 83 – Gangstagram Cash Review

Gangstagram Cash Review July 4th 10AM EST Well, this one has a cool name but what exactly is it and is it worth the money? Gangstagram is a beginners guide to CPA and Instagram. Let me make this crystal clear. This is a beginners guide to Instagram and how to begin making money with CPA.…

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