Episode 322 – Link Whisper Review + [Discount Code]

Last updated on October 7, 2020

Building Internal links is not exactly the most interesting thing you can do with your time.

But it is super important when it comes to ranking higher in the search engines.

A great example of a website that have this down is Wikipedia.

Go to any of their pages and you’ll see a ton of links all pointing to other pages on their site.

Here’s an example of my favorite football team’s page.

All of the above links [highlighted in blue] link to other relevant pages on Wikipedia. 

Hence the term ‘internal’ link.

The links stay within the same website, but go to relevant content. 

This keeps people on the website and helps reduce the bounce rate as well (another ranking factor).

The trouble is, to create all of these links is time consuming.

Not to mention that you may have a bunch of older posts that you need to scour through as well.

Luckily, I have Link Whisper installed on this and other site which has proved to be a huge time saver.

Link Whisper Review

Link Whisper goes under the hood of your website and seeks out contextual internal link suggestions.

This helps your readers find related content therefore giving them a better user experience.

And, it also forces Google to improve your rankings due to your site now having an overall better link structure.

The end result is that your website can become better optimized than your competitor’s.

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin that makes this whole process super quick and easy (anyone can use it) and has a whole bunch of built in features:

Link Whisper Review

How to Use Link Whisper 

When you buy Link Whisper, you’ll have a choice of 3 basic plans that you’l be billed annually for.

I chose to get the 10 site license and immediately added it to 5 websites, including this one.

It’s a plugin that you add like any other.

You input your license key and then it’s activated. 

Use this code on check out: Link10

You’ll get $10 off the price.

Link Whisper Review

From here, it’s a simple case of letting the plugin go over your site.

You’ll be provided with some simple reports and in a few clicks, be given suggestions on what internal links to add to your posts or pages.

Anchor Text Suggestions

When using link whisper, you’ll find that it automatically suggests the link along with the actual anchor text itself.

Don’t like the anchor text suggestion?  Just click the words you want to add or remove from the anchor text.

The plugin will even show you if you have any posts without any internal links built to it.

They call these orphan posts.


Let me show you how to use Link Whisper below.

Link Whisper Review Video

The great thing is, that even if you uninstall the plugin, your links will reman intact.

All that said, some of the suggestions were not perfect so you still have to go through and make sure which ones you want to add.

Despite that, the time savings are massive.  


Link Whisper is a great tool for anyone with a niche site or blog.

If you have a lot of content on your site, then you’ll be able to take more advantage of this tool than if it’s for a brand new site.

Additionally, you’ll be able to use it on your client’s sites to help them get better results and to improve their link structure.

Check out Link Whisper below and use this code on check out for a $10 discount: Link10

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  1. Hey Adam! Thanks for sharing this review!

    I’ve really enjoyed using Link Whisper since I purchased it. I run a baby product brand and we were able to generate over 800 new (relevant) internal links with it. I would’ve been happy even if I generated half that, so overall I’d consider the purchase well worth it!


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