Episode 314 – Power Ad Spy Review

Last updated on February 4, 2020

Power Ad Spy

Many business’s make their most money online through FB, Instagram, Google, YouTube ads (among others), however t many people (especially beginners) face some key problems.

  • Knowing what copy will convert
  • Knowing how to craft a high converting image or video
  • Understanding the needed targeting
  • Knowing how to create a landing page that will do the job
  • And more…

This is why spy tools are so helpful to marketers.

The only problem is, they are pretty expensive.

High level tools like AdBeat or What Runs Where can start at $299 per month!

And while that’s small change compared to what can be earned, it’s still an investment to get going.

Power Ad Spy is a web-based tool that allows you to spy on ads that run on all networks to then get the intel to replicate for your own campaigns.

Power Ad Spy Review


How it works

First, you choose the network to spy on, for example, Facebook.

You then add in our criteria when looking for ads to potentially replicate.

  • Type of ad (image, video)
  • Dates
  • Keywords
  • Tracking
  • E-commerce platform
  • Funnel builder
  • Engagement
  • Geo
  • language
  • More….

Let’s have a look inside the dashboard to see this in practice.

Power Ad Spy Review Video

Despite it having lots of features, I was not impressed when I tried out the YouTube ads spy function and personally, I do not think you’ll need that.

I show how you can spy on unlisted YouTube videos in my Video Marketing Insider anyhow.

Also, even with the enterprise version of Adbeat ($1000 PM), they do not provide all the intel of in-stream ads; purely as that information is not made available by Google.

So from the pricing table below I think that the best option is the basic after you try the free option first, of course.

Power Ad Spy Pricing

Power Ad Spy Review


If you like what you see after the 20 searches you can upgrade to a paid option.


You can trial any of the above for $7.

If you want 20 FREE searches, then click the blue button below and fill out the details on the Power Ad Spy site.

Video App Suite Review

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