Episode 310 – Namesnagger Review

Last updated on January 8, 2020

Namesnagger Review

Finding domains can be a real time consuming process.

Whenever I have had a great idea, the domain has been taken.

Especially with the shorter names as thee have the most value.

But you can get lucky.

Videomarketinginsider.com was an expired domain and it’s now responsible for more in monthly revenues than any ‘real’ job I have ever had.

Expired Domains are big business.

  • People buy them and resell them at a profit
  • Use them to build out blogs/websites
  • Use them for 301 redirects
  • Sell/rent them to local businesses
  • Create landing pages on them for lead gen…

The key is to find decent expired domains is time consuming.

How to Find Expired Domains the Manual [harder] way:

Expired domains cost the same as new domains.

For a new website, an expired domain has lots of SEO value, backlinks and traffic.

They can also be used for building a private blog network or PBN.

After logging on to a free service like ExpiredDomains.net, you can use their filter to show the target of your interest.

That could be only to find domains with:

  • .com only
  • Includes specific words
  • Has a certain amount of traffic
  • Has a certain amount of backlinks
  • Is of a certain age or older
  • Does not have hyphens nor numbers

Really you can create the filter and then sort them in how recently they have expired.

Be quick and grab a good one before someone else does.

You snooze you lose definitely comes into play here.

The only thing is, while it’s easy, it does take time.

Which is where NameSnagger by full time ‘domainer’ Gene Pimentel comes in.

He has a service whereby he sends you a set of high value domains (valued at over $500 or more) to your inbox daily.

Let’s look at Namesnagger.

Namesnagger Review Video


So, that’s Namesnagger. 

If you’d like to check this out for only $5 per month, then click on the blue button below:

And of course, you can cancel anytime you wish.

Gene is a good guy and very trustworthy.

Any questions about this NameSnagger review, please leave them below:


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