Episode 307 – Quantum Commissions Review

Last updated on April 30, 2020

I am a big fan of JayKay’s products.

He teaches well on the subjects he knows, which to my knowledge at least, are things pertaining to paid social media to landing pages to build list and put targeted prospects through funnels.

In this post, I’ll be reviewing his latest training which he has called Quantum Commissions.

  • Actionable content including whiteboard sessions, over-the-shoulder tutorials, and more to get you started.
  • Get Sales from affiliate products in any niche (or your own products). 
  • Quantum Commissions shares an old-school funnel that works great today. Perfect for list building.
  • Quantum Commissions also includes case studies to prove that this system works. Traffic, leads, and conversions are all covered.

Track Record

Buyers of his past stuff will know that he spends a lot of time making nice graphics, making smoothly spoken videos and ensuring it all ‘looks’ nice.

All that is great and gives it a professional look, but does this mask the quality of the content?

Is it all that?

Let’s see.

Quantum Commissions Review

What You’ll learn Inside Quantum Commissions 

This is, in short, a training on how to do white hat affiliate marketing on Facebook with a focus on ClickBank products.

The method taught is not new.

But it is taught well.

You have to first, choose a product to promote.

From here, you research your ideal audience using Facebook insights.

Then, you create a presell page or content rich landing page with a CTA that takes you to an optin.

So you collect the leads so you are also building a list.

You will also need a bridge page this is a page you create copying and pasting from the main sales page with a CTA that takes you to the checkout page (not the sales page).

This is a concept that works. 

I’ve been sending people to checkout pages for a while now with some offers and it works if you get the pre-sell page and CTA right.

Many vendors on Clickbank do not like it if you do this without permission though FYI.


Here is a glimpse of what the membership area looks like:

As nice as that image looks, nothing beats having a look inside so here you go:

Quantum Commissions Review Video

NOTE: This video was made earlier, then the launch got suddenly cancelled.

Now it’s back but one of the OTOs has beeb removed. 

The funnel on THIS page is correct.

The Traffic

JayKay loves Facebook and in this product he uses FB ads with a traffic goal when setting up the ads.

I advocate using a CBO method. 

CBO stands for Campaign Budget Optimization.

I teach this as a bonus course inside of Video Marketing Insider.

JayKay budgets within the adset. 

That is his call. I don’t do that.

You do not need to use FB ads of course, you could also use YT ads to pull this whole method off.

Quantum Commissions Review of the Funnel

FRONT-END: $12.95 for the first 6hrs of the launch. 

It will then rise.

OTO #1 $29.95 P.M: Inboxxr is JayKay’s personal email marketing membership program.

It teaches students how to create sales emails through engaging content.

Inboxxr is $47/month so students save over $15/mth by taking advantage of this upsell during the launch. 

OTO #2 $97: Flux-Capacity Traffic teaches students how to use the same simple low-cost retargeting strategy used by Frank Kern, Amy Porterfield, Russell Brunson, Anik Singal, Sam Ovens and more to bring targeted traffic back to the money page that students build inside the Front-End training.

Here is a pic of what’s inside:

It may not look like much for the price point, but if you can grasp it AND employ it, this is where the real money is.

To me, this is better than the main offer and will help more folk BUT you need to pick up the front end first.

My advice:

If you need to choose between OTO 1 and OTO 2, then grab #2.

My bonus (see below) will make up for it not getting # upgrade #1

A Summary:

You will send traffic from Facebook >>Presell page>>Email opt-in>>Bridge page>>Checkout page!


  • Reasonable pricing
  • Well taught
  • White hat apart from one section
  • Great section on audience insights
  • The bridge page part is gold as is the VSL sniping section (though the latter is bit black hat).
  • Great FB ads Walkthrough video
  • Fantastic OTO 2


  • Does not mention tracking (but my bonus does)
  • The weight loss page used in the training was abandoned last August so not sure how well that actually went but I know from experience the concept works.

The Best ‘Unique’ Quantum Commissions Bonus

To get your Quantum Commissions bonus, you’ll need to clear cookies then get it via the link on this page.

Your bonuses will be delivered automatically IF you clear cookies first.

To get the upgrade bonus, please follow the instructions on the main bonus page.

  • Thank you Page Mastery

How to use thank you pages to build your social media and grow your audience for FREE.

  • Tracking on Facebook with ClickBank

Tutorial on how to add your Facebook pixel to ClickBank so that you know how many sales you are making and therefore not marketing to people who have already bought.

  • Opt-in page trick to boost opt-ins

This little trick is FREE to implement, and will give you more credibility when it comes to getting opt-ins.

  • Ninja Facebook Targeting Video

I’ll show you how to use a simple trick to get almost unlimited targets for your Facebook Ads


Get Any 1 of the upgrades then get my best selling Conversion Point course (on sale now for $97)


I sell this for $297 now. 

Here is the sales page for the Conversion Point.

I do not know anyone who gets a better conversion rates than me on a consistent basis.

I show you exactly what I do in the Conversion Point, AND it’s yours as a bonus if you get ONE of the Quantum commission upgrades.


PS…Any questions about Quantum Commissions, please let me know in the FB comments below.


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