Episode 306 – PPC Steps Review

Last updated on October 16, 2020

PPC Steps Review

PPC stands for Pay Per Click.

And this is one way successful CPA marketers drive massive amounts of traffic and make decent money.

Like all forms of marketing though, it’s NEVER as easy as the serial product launchers make out.

Those folk play on the naive and lazy with loopholes, hacks and lies.

No-one makes any money from that stuff apart from shady vendors and affiliates

The real marketers learn a skill.

They learn, apply, tweak all while investing in themselves.

Who is PPC Steps by?

Neil Moran is one of those folk who does this and specializes in CPA/affiliate marketing.

And PPC, the kind Neil teaches, is perfect for those who are shy, introverted and do not want to appear on camera and do it my way.

If anyone ever come to me asking who I recommend to learn from who’s affordable, I always point them to Neil Moran.

Neil as been doing CPA marketing for a long time

I trust him too; we have launched a product together and he’s taught me a thing or two about BING ads.

His new product and masterpiece is called PPC steps and is kind of like the Video Marketing Insider of PPC.

It’s a membership that has a ton of training on all aspects of pay per click marketing for the beginner through to the intermediate  level marketer.

It’s in a logical order from the complete basics through, over time, to more advanced stuff.

Let’s see the review video:

PPC Steps Review video

PPC Steps Funnel

PPC Steps Review


+ Experienced teacher who does this is real life

+ Over the shoulder training and lots of it

+ Real help for YOUR specific questions

+ Potential to make a lot of money


  • Some stuff is drip fed (I do get why but some folk will want to cherry pick what they want to go through)
  • Some money needed for ads. Not a ton but you’ll need some


PPC steps is a stellar training by someone I like and trust.

Neil does this stuff every day.

Yes, you’ll need to put in some work and yes, you’l need to invest time and a little bit on paid ads but if either of those scare you, then online marketing is not for you.

Should you want to try this out then you can get it below.

To get your bonuses (automatically delivered with your purchase), please clear cookies then lick on the link below.

If you have any questions, please use the Facebook section below and thanks for reading this PPC steps review post.


PPC Steps Review

Your Unique Bonuses

Facebook video Ad Clickbank Compliance Rolodex:

This was created for the purpose of running traffic to Clickbank offers on Facebook. 

Only certain offers/landing pages are complaint and this is a list of those that would take you a few days to research by yourself.

My VMI Guide to Local marketing (with video script for local):

A 12-page guide on pricing, what you can offer prospective clients, what upsells you can offer, niches to get into and more.

I wrote this so it’s a totally unique bonus.

Just change up on a needs basis.



My VMI Guide to using video With Bing Ads: 

I cover the basics of Bing ads, setting up tracking and then

  • How to use video to increase conversions
  • How to use BING to get more Youtube traffic



My free video creation training for introverts:

This will show you how to make videos without ever appearing on camera.

So now you have zero excuse not to take action.