MetaDomainer Review: WordPress Plugin that Creates html Pages

Buying and selling domains is a profitable business.

if you know what you are doing.

There are few people that know the amount that my friend Gene Pimentel does and for a while now I have been a member of his fantastic namesnagger service.

This is where he sends out expired domains to potentially buy/invest in daily.

Saves me a bunch of time and he knows so much on this topic.

He has partnered with his friend and fellow full time domainers Dan Nickerson of Socrates theme fame and Michael Neal (who, sorry, I don’t know lol) to bring out a new super cool plugin called MetaDomainer.

What is it?

MetaDomainer is a WordPress plugin which enables you to quickly create html landing pages for your domain inventory.

It’s a plugin for anyone who wants to make simple one page HTML sites for their domain portfolio and clients.

The plugin let’s you create Super Fast (100/99 GTMetrix), Responsive, Bootstrap HTML pages USING ONE WordPress Install. 

If that sounds too tech, do not worry. 

It just means the pages are fast and secure.

MetaDomainer lets you manage your entire domain portfolio from one site, you can categorize sites, track stats, list for sale and more.

You can upload a simple index.html or index.php file (created by the plugin) to any addon domain on any hosting account and manage it remotely. 

Or simply using the forwarding and masking feature of most registrars.

The plugin allows you to manage your inventory, track visitors and change 100’s of domains on the fly from one WordPress dashboard.

The steps you’ll need to take:

  • Purchase the Plugin.
  • Register a new domain WITHOUT ssl and add WordPress like normal.
  • Upload and install the Metadomainer plugin like you would with any normal plugin
  • Activate it with your license key you get with your purchase
  • Add your new domains you buy and use the plugin to transform them into one page affiliate sites, amazon sites, for sale pages & more.

MetaDomainer Review Video



NOTE: Do not add SSL to your domain that you use with MetaDomainer. 

That can cause problems.

And if you want the page you make to be more pro, go into Cpanel and upload the HTML or PHP file and job done.

MetaDomainer Review of the Funnel


$37 Front End –

Personal Use License – One Year

(Plugin license expires after one year, but billing is non-recurring).


$47 Upsell – 

Client Use License – One Year – Rights to sell and rent pages, plus additional templates, codes and graphics.

(Plugin license expires after one year, but billing is non-recurring).


$17 Upsell/Downsell – 


  • One year membership to
  • 6 months to
  • Extra Bonus Plugins (so I’ve been told but unsure as to what these are)


Final Upsell


$99 Platinum Domainer Membership – 50%


  • Domain Marketplace Listing service for one full year

Here you can list all of your domains for sale in OUR Marketplace with a simple checkbox.

100% of the sales go directly to you, no commission taken.

  • Private Coaching Group

Platinum Member gets full access to Dan, Gene, and Michael and can ask any domaining questions they have, every single day for a year!

All three of them are professional-level domainers.

  • Bonus Year of Plugin Licenses ($84 value)

Overall Summary


+ Manage all your domains from one dashboard

+ Top level support from good guys who walk the walk. They do this full time.

+ Ability to monetize domains before you sell them or create proper content on them.



  • A little bit of set up. 
  • You will need a ‘throwaway’ domain to use this plugin on.


MetaDomainer Review


My Unique Metadomainer Bonuses

Expired Domains Tutorial. How to use this FREE resource to uncover some gems, what to look for in a name and what NOT to look for.

I’ll also cover how this can be used in relation to video marketing.

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