Episode 268 – Funnelize Review

Last updated on October 16, 2020

Funnelize Review

It was not long ago that I first came across JayKay Dowdall when he made a stellar course called Evolution

Since then, I’ve become a fan and he has made 3 of the top 5 courses I have seen this year. Some folk are just naturally good trainers, and he is one.

Funnelize is his latest course and like the others, it’s pretty damn excellent.

And it’s all about funnels funnily enough.

It is also the last and one of the best trainings I’ll review this year.

What is a Funnel?

A funnel is, at its simplest, a series of pages a prospect goes through before they take a desired action.

Now you may want to make a funnel to promote an affiliate offer, or perhaps a webinar? 

There are many different types of funnels.

Here are some examples of funnels (taken from Video Marketing Insider):


Some are simple, others are more complex and require more pages but if I were you, I’d keep them to 2-3 pages max to make your life easier.

Funnelize, the product I’m looking at here, basically shows you a ton of different funnels for different scenarios and how you can use them.

The training is excellent and superb value but you will need to be proactive in taking action to get the most from it.

Here’s snapshot of what’s included within the front end of Funnelize.

  • 14 modules of video training
  • 35+ videos in total
  • Over 8hrs of content
  • 8  funnels broken down step-by-step into actionable training
  • Case studies and walkthroughs for every funnel
  • 25+ Cheatsheets and PDFs
  • Case Study showing how one funnel generated $4,500 in sales in 7 days
  • Traffic/retargeting training
  • Email marketing training

Let’s look at my Funnelize review video:

Funnelize Review Video

Funnelize Review of the funnel

First let’s look at the pricing of the front end as we have already seen what you get.

First 6 Hours On December 19th (10am-4pm EST) $12.95

December 19th 5pm EST – December 26 23:59pm $12-$19.95

December 27 00:00 EST ongoing $37

Funnelize review

Here are the Upsells. I’ll say now OTO 1 and 2 are fantastic.

OTO 1: Funnelize Black Book ($37) << Must have

10 additional funnels from million-dollar marketers  reverse-engineered and “funnelhacked” from top-to-bottom including sales pages, OTOs, emails…etc

Includes funnels from Russell Brunson, Amy Porterfield, Anik Singal, Anthony Morrison, Sam Ovens, Ted McGrath, and more…

GET THIS: I know from experience how valuable these can be and how time consuming they are to research.

And if you experienced and do not need the main offer, get it just to get this. 


OTO 1 Downsell : 5 Case studies($17)

5 of the case studies are removed from the main OTO.


OTO 2 : Funnelize University ($47)  << Great Value
$47/mth after launch 

This will be $47 a month after launch and you get 1-1 help, live trainings and support.

Why pay monthly when you can get it now. 

Get this too. Superb offer and will really allow you to move forward with what you learn.


OTO 3 : DFY High-Ticket Funnel ($197)

Done-For-You funnel

All webinar registrations are automatically added to your autoresponder (all major autoresponders are supported)

All pre-promotion training, follow-up emails and replay emails are provided by JayKay.

This service allows the user to promote a $997 webinar at 50% commission – $497 payouts for every sale.

Please note these are JayKay’s webinars you’ll be promoting, so you’ll be building his list but hoping to get sales.

Nothing wrong with that, just so you know.

Funnelize Summary


Funnelize Pros

  • Well presented training as usual. Videos and slides
  • Super cheap during launch
  • Case studies and walkthroughs provided
  • Amazing OTO 1 and OTO 2

Funnelize Cons

  • I’d like to have seen inside and a few more nuts and bolts and set up stuff.
  • Will need to take action (this is not paint by numbers stuff). 
  • Will need some tools. Page builder and potentially autoresponder

Note: these last 2 points are not really cons.


PS..I hope you liked this Funnelize review. Please leave any questions below and clear cookies to get my unique funnelize bonuses.


Video Marketing Insider

Twitter Video Mastery

Never released course that covers the A-Z of video and Twitter. 

From organic Twitter video to using paid ads. 

All over the shoulder videos.
















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8 thoughts on “Episode 268 – Funnelize Review”

    • # 2 even though I think # one is awesome. Or OTO 1 downsell and #2. I am assuming the limited budget counts you out of #3?

      The reason being #2 gets you help and it will become a recurring later on.

      #1 has great intel but you’ll still need to act on it and traffic costs money too.

      Hope that helps Jake 🙂

  1. OK, Adam…I picked up FE, OTO 1 and OTO 2…OTO 3 I passed on, I already have enough products to promote, need to get them all into funnels that convert now!

    To any other folks that happen by Adam’s review: This is a great offer that you should definitely secure for your online business development…

    Cheers and Ho Ho Ho!

    Dave 🙂

  2. Hi Adam,

    Bought the FE and got through OTO1 but was thrown off as I was trying to get OTO2. Sent you and JayKay an email so that I can complete the purchase and still get you the credit. Please let me know if there is something else that I should do.

    Thanks so much for the great product breakdowns! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • Hi Susan,

      I have replied via email but in case you missed it, all can be found on the bonus page.

      Merry Christmas and Happy new Year to you too!


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