Episode 262: Sqribble Review – Possibly My best bonus Ever?

Last updated on May 5, 2020

By far the most profitable part of my business is email marketing. In short, I am able to send out an email and make money. 

If I could simplify making money online it would be to follow these steps:

  • Identify a group of people with a problem
  • Create a small gift related to one of these problems
  • Offer it to them in exchange for an email address
  • Build a relationship via email and then sell stuff

Of course, you can get much more granular and you can build different kinds of lists (for example Facebook chatbots).

I am going to GIVE you 3 of the above steps and teach you in detail how to do it. 


As part of a unique sqribble bonus package probably better than I have ever offered.

Sqribble Review


What is Sqribble?

Sqribble is a brand new tool, coming out on Nov 5th by Adeel Chowdry. 

It is a web-based software (MAC and PC ok) that allows you to create ebooks that look the part in a few clicks.

You get a lot of different templates inside that are fully editable.

Once you choose a template you like, you can add the content in a variety of ways:

  • Paste a URL and the software pulls the content
  • Upload a word doc
  • Use one of sqribble’s own articles from their depository.
  • Copy & paste manually
  • Start from scratch and add the content

Once you have some content added, you can edit it, delete bits and add images ( your own or from sqribble’s library).

The editor is simple to use and familiar to most. 

How Can You use Sqribble?

As the tool makes it easy to create wonderful looking ebooks, you can use these in a variety of ways:

  1. As lead magnets to build your list
  2. Sell them as your own products
  3. Give them as gifts to your subscribers
  4. Create them as a service for others and get paid

Sqribble Review Video

Sqribble Review of the funnel

Like almost all products, sqribble is more than just what we have shown so far.

They have several other offers in their funnel.

Now, I’ll admit, I do not like this funnel as it is too big to me.

I would never go over 2 OTOs but that does not take away from the main offer and they do compliment each other.

Sqribble Funnel

This is what you get:

Frontend: Sqribble COMMERCIAL [Software] [$47]
 eBook Creator Studio W/ Commercial Rights & Website

Upsell 1: Sqribble PROFESSIONAL Edition [Software] [$97]
 150 MORE Templates, better Content Engine, unlimited Storage, lots Of Images, Styles, Layouts and Customization.

Upsell 2: Sqribble PRIME [Monthly Templates] [$29.99 Monthly]
Private club Sqribble Library. You get 15 more template per month.

Upsell 3: Sqribble FANTASIA 3D | 2-IN-1 Bundle Flipbook & 3D Cover Maker Technology [2 x Software] [$77]
Intelligent Interactive FLIPBOOK & 3D Cover Creation Technology.

Upsell 4: Auto Job Finder [Software] [$37 Monthly or $197]
Software That  Gets You Clients & Freelance Jobs.

Sqribble Summary:

I like Sqribble and I think almost everyone could benefit from it.

Is it perfect?

No, as my video shows but what is?


  • Easy to use
  • Works on All devices
  • Lots of templates for most niches
  • Good depository of images and articles
  • Can use this to make money or build a list


  • Does take a bit of work despite what the sales page says
  • Some articles (if you copy & paste a URL) need some formatting
  • Will be a strain on their server during launch but should get better

Sqribble Bonuses

I am going to be offering some amazing bonuses for anyone who buys Sqribble via my link.

Note: You must clear cookies to get my bonuses. My affiliate ID is: 64351

My bonuses will be split into sections:

  1. The ones that everyone gets regardless of who they purchase.
  2. Bonuses for front end buyers of the Sqribble main tool.
  3. And special OTO buyer bonuses

To get these bonsues, clear cookies and ensure the affiliate ‘grampus’ os on the check out page at the bottom.

then email: [email protected] with your receipt.

Video Marketing Insider

Sqribble Bonuses that everyone gets. These will be inside your member’s area and delivered by the Sqribble team

My UNIQUE Sqribble Bonuses for Front End Buyers 

1. Niche Research Mastery

A set of videos showing you how to identify a niche and do research so you know what problems they have and what lead magnets to create.

My UNIQUE Sqribble Upgrade Bonuses (any or all upgrades)

You still get access to the above but you will also get:

1. Script to Call code

VMI ScriptScript to call code until now only for my Video Marketing Inside members.

This script can be placed on as many WordPress sites as ya like.

And it turns a link into something more powerful.

It can act as a click to call, click to Skype or click to email.

In short, you RANK a video or take out an AD.

A viewer clicks on a link in the description, or if you meet the criteria, in a car or end screen.

A pop up appears on that page prompting either a phone call, email or Skype call. A demo video is here: https://beerswithadam.com/vmi-script/


2. YouTube RSS Tool


This RSS tool takes your YouTube video and turns it into 49 variations.

You can then ping these to get a traffic /rankings boost.

Web-based so you do not have to download or install anything.






PS…I hope you liked this Sqribble Review.

Please share this post and ask any questions in the comments below.


Video Marketing Insider




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16 thoughts on “Episode 262: Sqribble Review – Possibly My best bonus Ever?”

  1. Great review. I clicked on your instant access button and bought Sqribble right away. Now how do I get access to your bonuses? Thanks.

        • The bad thing about jvzoo is that when you buy a jvzoo product is that they email
          you a lot encouraging you to buy stuff (often stuff that is rubbish too). You should unsubscribe from
          those emails.

          As for the bonus, assuming you bought via my link and cleared cookies the bonus
          will be there. You need to login, locate the ‘my purchases’ section and the sqribble purchase.

          There will be my bonus on the page somewhere. If it’s not there, it means you may have been cookied to another person which
          can happen if you looked at another sqribble review prior to buying through my link. Did you clear cookies before buying?

          • Logged in to jvzoo and checked the purchase details. The affiliate is listed in your name, but no mention anywhere of how to access your bonuses.

            Transaction Id: ST-C8JVQY4DDE1ZZQ2C5
            Date: Tuesday 6th of November 2018 03:58:56 PM
            Product Name: Sqribble COMMERCIAL | World’s #1 EASY TO USE & POWERFUL eBook Creator Studio
            Price: $44.01
            Purchaser: [email protected]
            Seller: Adeel Chowdhry
            Status: Paid
            Affiliate: Adam Payne
            Affiliate ID: 64351

  2. Like so many others, I also don’t see your bonuses. I’ve gone to my Purchases page in JVZOO and find Sqribble and the upgrades of it I bought, but nothing from you anywhere on the Purchases page you send us all to to look for your bonuses. While it is the case that I had visited other review sites, I cleared all my cookies prior to making the purchases per your instructions, so that’s not the issue.

    • Hi Bill,

      The bonuses are definitely there as I have had quite a few emails about pertaining to what was on the bonus page itself.

      Once in my purchases, you need to click on the purchase in question and scroll to the bottom. They ‘should’ be at the bottom of that page.

      If you bought any OTOs, you may want to check those pages too.

      If you still cannot find them, let me know and I’ll have to confirm your transaction with the list of folk who bought
      via me.


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