Episode 230 – Video Marketing Insider Review

Last updated on January 13, 2021

Video Marketing Insider Review

Video marketing has changed my life. Am I the best at it? No. The most well-known?


But it’s still enabled me to go from a working 6 days a week as a teacher to being able to work from home and live life in my own turns.

When I was struggling back in 2013, a good buddy of mine (now  a hugely successful E-commerce and Facebook trainer) told me to focus on ONE aspect of traffic and to get damn good at it. I chose video.

The rest is history.

I bought every product I could. Some great, some average, some were terrible. I learnt and applied.

First I began to grasp how to rank videos.

Then I moved on to list building and email marketing

From there YouTube ads and Facebook Video.

Twitter video too.

I optimized channels, worked on video creation, did CPA, affiliate and helped others do the same.

I combined my 17 years teaching experience with video and realized by best skill was in HELPING OTHERS improve their game at all levels.

I also got into creating video products. I liked it. But the industry is dirty. I’m sure you know that.

Too much back slapping and cliques all promoting stuff that does not work or that the person is not even doing.

I wanted out.

But how…

By doing what all the stand out folk do. Creating a community of like minded people with a common interest.

Video Marketing Insider (VMI)  was born.

There is so much inside it’s kinda hard to explain it all so here is a video. It’s 19 minutes but worth your time if you’re considering making 2018 and beyond a great one.

Video Marketing Insider Review Video

NOTE: I will be giving away FREE no strings LIFETIME access. Some people have already been entered into the prize draw by commenting on a post in my FB group ( or replying to a question I asked via email). If you would like to have a chance, please comment and SHARE this post before the 16th…I ‘ll check 🙂

This is akin to a beta launch; difference being the software actually works and the training too.

Video Marketing Insider Review of the Funnel

There are NO upsells or downsells at all.

There are 3 payment options:

a) Monthly – $45 per month

b) Annual – $500 per year

c) Lifetime – $1500

Although I MAY have specials in the future, they will never be as cheap as they are for the first 90 days.

Video Marketing Insider Bonuses (LIFETIME BUYERS ONLY)

For Anyone who buys the LIFETIME option during the launch, there will be 2 special bonuses.

One: A Web-based software (for transparency, not created yet) a daily views of a video tracker so that you can see how many views a video gets on a daily basis to better understand if you want to go after it.

Two: A Q and A session with me ( video related of course).

Others will be added to the lifetime over time… but the above 2 are for launch buyers only.


Video Marketing Insider

20 thoughts on “Episode 230 – Video Marketing Insider Review”

  1. Hi Adam,
    I have just completed the video sorcery training,
    which I enjoyed and learned a lot of good info.
    The main reason I enjoyed the training so much
    is your style and method of communicating, BRILLIANT
    Your natural way of leading from one topic to the
    next (no fluff) is simply the best I have found.
    Should your Video Marketing Insider be anything like
    V.S.then I expect it will become the market leader
    in video marketing training.
    Thank you for your honesty, integrity, and great content
    Gerry Kenny

    • Thank you so much for the kind words Gerry. Maybe all that time I spent teaching in Japan was not wasted after all 🙂

      Thanks again.

  2. Congratulations Adam on bringing this mammoth dream to fruition – well almost. With some 200 videos it will be information exhaustion for a percentage of people and could lead to premature exits. You may like to look at building a survey tool to help determine a beginning point that will allow them (me ) get quick fruitful runs on the board. Thus locking them in.



    • Cheers Colin. It’s a lot of work but the welcome video should help folk get started plus it will not all be in there right away. Thanks for the advice too 🙂

  3. Adam, looking forward to the launch and I plan on using video a lot more going forward. I know you know your stuff so the product has to be good. I am going to promote it some as well. Good luck with the launch.

  4. Hi Adam,

    I’ve purchased and enjoyed 3 of your past products and I’m sure this will surpass all others combined. So many product creators just put out untested theory or even plain old trash, but your products have always been spot on. Looking forward to VMI.


  5. There are very few marketers that I follow that put out such consistently good and useful products to a standard whereby I just want to buy everything they produce. You might notice from your sales stats that you are one of those marketers Adam. Finding someone with an independent and honest voice and who knows how to teach has been wonderfully helpful to my online learning. Thank you Adam. I wish you well for all your future ventures.


  6. Hi, Adam…

    My feeling is that what you are building is a great and needed one-stop solution for online marketers who may be working in any of the market segments and need no-nonsense advice on using video as a part of their marketing strategy…

    What I have seen in the past is that product developers will address a very limited piece of the field, and it appears that the real agenda is looking out for that NEXT product they want to sell you…

    I watched your intro video above and believe what you are putting together will be a hit out of the ballpark…On my make money online site I do reviews of products but generally, I stick to ones that offer true value these days…

    This is one that I can promote to my followers for sure when it comes to the point where you add affiliates to the mix…Thanks for your efforts and best of luck with the roll-out. I have no doubt that this will be a hit!

    Dave : )

    Thanks for your dedication to providing real training that has real value and can be acted on by members of the site…

    • Thanks for the comments Dave.

      I hear about the constant launching. Even the guys that are supposed to be ‘honest’ follow the same path as the serial launchers in reality. They just brand themselves better.

      After this, the only offers I plan on releasing are small video related offers on other places to lead to this. Once people have this and are inside VMI, they will almost never get an affiliate promo from me.

      I’ll be allowing affiliates to promote this, although not right off the bat. Perhaps a month after going live or so.


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