Case Study: $2,530.27 While Drinking Beer

Making Money While Drinking Beers and Eating Spicy Chicken Wings:

I’m not saying this to brag…

How many times do you hear marketers say that? And then brag lol. Well I am saying this to brag. Let’s clear that right up. But there’s more to it than showing off.

And I nearly didn’t bother to make this vlog until I heard a voice in my head which simply said, fuck it. Make the post. So here we are.

A few days ago, in my Beers With Adam Facebook group ( Click here to join) I posed a question about screenshots of money earned.

Mixed responses but the best one to me was by Barry Rogers who correctly said it’s all about context.

How many times have you either seen:

+ Images of income that could be anyones

+ Headlines claiming money was earned from a tool, when we all know the owner has a big list

But those dodgy things aside, I wanted to add some context to how I made $2530.27.

We both know it wasn’t a case of me going for beers and a Mexican and the money magically pouring in.

And, you may have contributed to it. Do not let that make you angry.

This is not like a guy on Facebook who closed a $5K client then is high-fiving folk (virtually).

What if the client who was ‘closed’ saw it. how would they feel? Like shit I reckon.

This post is not like that (the video explains a bit further down).

So, here is some background:

Last Thursday, I bought a product in the IM arena for the first time in ages. I’d received an email from Andy Brocklehurst saying it was good and for the first time in ages, I took the bait and paid up about $10.

The product in question was called Evolution. You can check it out here.

About 90 mins later and after a chocolate chip cookie, I had gone through the course. A lot of the stuff I knew already but I picked up a few nuggets and for the first time in ages, I was impressed.

I uploaded a review video to YouTube and posted & made a VERY brief review and posted it here.

I then decided to head off to Starbucks, grabbed a caramel Macchiato ( I know I’m sweet enough already but…) and fired up my latop.

I made a quick bonus page that was unique, not the same as most others and made up for a small weakness I saw in the product.

Then the  review was shared in my FB group but the whole thing was not salesy, it was just a ‘Hey, Liked this, I bought it myself so check it out’ kind of deal.

I then scheduled an email to an approx 4000 segment of my email list and went out to have beers and Mexican.

Here are the results:

A Long-Winded Video on the Whole Thing


So…Here is WHY I think I could do this and it adds some context:

+ I have a 1,800 strong ACTIVE FB group. I took a long time and put in effort to build it up and keep it spam free and circle jerk free. This is/was not an overnight process.

+ I have a responsive list. Why are they responsive? Well, I mostly only talk about my own stuff and when it’s an affiliate promo, It is based on the QUALITY of the offer, not who made it.

+ I have become known ( I hope) as someone who is good with Video marketing. So people trust my opinion. This took lots of time and effort on my part.

+ I don’t promote affiliate offers daily or every other day.  I did used to promote more than now as you may know, but these days there is hardly any good stuff around. I can barely find 2 things per month I like. Of course this does not stop 95% of others promoting all and sundry but not here.

So my advice:

+ Become good at one thing. If you want to become good at video then ALL you need is this.

+ Build BOTH a responsive list AND a community ( such as a FB group). Some folk will be active in the group, but not on your list and others vice versa.

+ Make your own products. You do not need to be the best ever, just slightly more advanced than your target market.

+ Never reciprocate blindly. If you go down that path, you’ll have to jump on the hamster wheel of product creation just to stay afloat. And you’ll need to promote crap to survive. Plus, you’ll lose the trust of your tribe and that is very hard to get back.

NOTE: I had one well-known affiliate, who, after we said we (he said it to me and a parter at the time) could not promote his offer, that he remembers who promote his stuff so to be careful. This made me laugh as he is supposed to be respected by his crowd. yet I see him promoting lots of crap. Oh well.

So, as you can see, my results are because of certain things that I have put in place. It took time, effort, and my own money and I still have a long way to go.

You can do it, anyone can, but my way is not the easy way. It is the best way though, the way that’ll make you feel good about yourself and it does work.

Any comments, let me know…


Adam Payne



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