Viddyoze 3.0 Review: Create stunning Video animations

Note: Since this post, I have compiled a more up to date and comprehensive Viddyoze Review.

Viddyoze is the best selling JVzoo product of all time and this is the FINAL version.

Viddyoze 3.0.

So what is it? In short, a web-based platform that allows you to create professional video intros, outros, stingers and more.

Lots of templates to use so you do not need any tech skills whatsoever.

You can upload your logos and text, change colours easily and more.

There are only 2 real ways to get pro video intros, outros or calls to action made:

a) Outsource them

b) Learn to do it yourself.

But let’s be honest, while for most option B is a non-starter, option A can be pricey and you do not always get what you had in mind.

It is hard to communicate your ideas and concepts to another person and get something you are happy with. Fact.

Viddyoze 3.0 is a fully automated web-based 3D animation platform allowing you to become a pro animator in several clicks.

They provide tons of fantastic templates that allow you to:

+ Have way better branding throughout your videos and products.

+ Get better calls to actions plus intros and outros on your videos

+ Start a small side business offering your video creation services.

You can also use Viddyoze create videos for arbitrage if you have a bit of hustle.

The front end license gives users access to over 150 templates.

Including logo stingers, transitions, outros, live action animations and more.

Template club users get access to the entire back catalogue of animations, plus new animations every single month!

Viddyoze 3.0 Review Video


Viddyoze 3.0 Demo Video

Viddyoze 3.0 Funnel


Viddyoze 3 funnel

The funnel for Viddyoze 3.0, should you decide to grab it, follows a familiar pattern:


F/E $47-67

OTO Template club (monthly or annual choice $37-$347).

Should you want to get a bunch of templates added to your Viddyoze account, then this is something for you.

Purely optional.

NOTE: Interestingly, the F/E is cheaper than version 2.0 was.

Viddyoze 3.0 Pros and Cons


+ Viddyoze has been around for a while and is here to stay.

+ Good quality service and product

+ Slick user experience

+ Multiple ways to monetize



  • Template club is monthly payment
  • During launch times, servers can get super busy so expect a slower rendering time of your videos

Viddyoze has stood the test of time, and only gotten better.

There have been many copycats but this is still the best one of its kind.

The guys behind it are all decent and you can use this for your own videos, for clients and even give it to a VA to do arbitrage work.

Viddyoze 3.0 extras

30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

The Viddyoze team offer a 30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee.

So, if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can get a full refund within 30 days.

100% Cloud Based

As we have mentioned earlier, Viddyoze is 100% -based.

So, you don’t need expensive software to create your studio-grade videos.

An added benefit is that you can use it on your mobile. Video creation on the go!


How Does Viddyoze 3.0 Impact Existing Viddyoze Users?

All existing users will be upgraded for free to the “NEW LOOK” Viddyoze. This means, all users get the new UI, and UX features they are rolling out with Viddyoze 3.0.

However, that is where the free upgrade stops.

The NEW Viddyoze Extended template style is rolling out with Viddyoze 3.0, and there will be 10 templates of this style. 

The only way existing users can get these, is to buy Viddyoze 3.0.

They also have a comparison tool, where existing users can login to see how many of the 170 templates of Viddyoze 3.0 are missing from their accounts. 

They can also add all of these by purchasing Viddyoze 3.0 as well.


Overall though, I recommend Viddyoze and have used it myself on numerous occasions.



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