Viddyoze: How to Make Professional Videos with No Editing Skills

Viddyoze Review

If you are looking for a way to make your videos appear more professional without having to invest in difficult to learn video editing software, then you have come to the right place.

Consider this:

92% of marketers say video plays a vital role in their marketing strategy.

But what is it that makes videos so important?

Well 88% of marketers say that using video gives them a better return on investment [ROI]

The trouble is, video creation, while super useful, can provide tricky for some.

Not all of us are videographers.

Nor do many of us possess video editing skills.

So we make videos to the best of our ability but they can end up looking a bit crap even if the message is spot on.


Poor videos

Others are great at video SEO and getting stuff to rank in Google or YouTube, but if it does not convert, then what’s the point?

It’s one thing to record a video sharing your screen or to create a talking head video but how do you add things like:

  • Video overlays 
  • Calls to action
  • Lower thirds
  • Professional looking logo stingers
  • Intros
  • Outros

Well until now, you only really had a couple of options.

You either had to spend a lot of money outsourcing this to a professional.

Or go through a steep learning curve by learning something such as Adobe Premiere Pro which, while excellent, is time-consuming and stressful.

Luckily for you reading this, you can now use Viddyoze

Viddyoze review

Build a side income with this amazing:

Video Animation Software

Viddyoze is one of the easiest to use and most reasonably priced video animation softwares available.

In short you can use professional templates to create video animations and turn your boring videos into sexy looking ones.

If you don’t have a Viddyoze Account, no worries!

You can Grab One here.

Or if you prefer to learn more, you can do that here.

The first version of Viddyoze came out a few years ago and proved astoundingly popular due to how easy it was to use.

Since then, the platform has evolved to become the best selling offer of all time on one of the major digital marketplaces.

It is well supported and has evolved even more.

Viddyoze Backstory

A few years ago I promoted a course that taught you how to make videos on your IPhone by a British guy called Joey Xoto.

A month later I promoted another course called Video Popper by Jamie Garside.

My interactions with them were brief, but they came across as professional and decent enough.

Which is rare in a world full of incessant launches, gimmicks and hacks.

Fast forward a few years, and those 2 along with another guy called David Chamberlain created Viddyoze.

I was one of the original users of Viddyoze back then and it has been relaunched into version 2.0 and 3.0.


The reason it did so well, in my opinion, was that it solved a problem that many people (yours truly include) had.

People’s videos need jazzing up without having to resort to spending hundreds to a pro.

People want a quick solution they can implement themselves without breaking the bank and to do it quickly without tech hassles.

You see…

There’s a ton of video content created every minute so you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd.

But not everyone has the skill set , budget or inclination to create Hollywood style videos.

And who wants to waste time with green screens or adding a new extension to my house complete with brick wall backdrop, Youtube cushions and bob around in a darkened room just to look ‘cool’.

I personally find all that pretentious even if it does look good ‘at times’.

Anyhow..I digress.

What Is Viddyoze?

Viddyoze is super simple to use and allows users to create logos, lower thirds, animated CTAs (Calls to Action) and a few extra things so that we can make a normal video look pro.

An Overview:

Here is how it works in 3 simple steps:

  • Choose your animation from the huge library of studio-quality templates.

Viddyoze 1

  • Easily customize your animation with logo, text and colors to match your brand.

Viddyoze 2

  • Download your animation in mp4 format. 

Viddyoze 3

Note: 100% compatible with all video editing platforms.

Let’s see what Viddyoze can do in these demo videos:


Brand New Viddyoze Features 

Square & Vertical Templates

Viddyoze now has brand new square & vertical templates, perfect for all social media platforms!

Viddyoze formats

Multi Font Support

You can now choose between different fonts to better suit your branding.

Multiple Audio Options

A number of audio tracks per template!

Sound FX only

Want just sound effects in your templates? 

No music?

Now you can.

sound effects

Background Removal Tool

1-click background removal tool.

Image Editing Tools

Crop your images so they fit the template you want to use.

I know from experience images I often want to use are too big so this is a useful addition.

User Library

Upload and store images in your accounts! Everything is accessible from inside the Viddyoze app.

New Integrations

Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash… Access to tons of images to import from inside the Viddyoze app. 

Viddyoze Integrations

As someone that has made a full time income from video marketing as both an affiliate and software developer, I know how frustrating it can be when your videos do not convert.

When I hired a professional editor to work on a few videos, he did an amazing job.

But it also took time and cost me a fair chunk of change.

Viddyoze has meant I can get stuff done myself at a much cheaper cost.

You save money in the long term by investing in Viddyoze.

And if you get busy, just hand it off to someone else and have them pump out creations.

Being a bit of a technophobe, I was worried when I first picked it up but it’s super simple to use.

Get Viddyoze

Viddyoze Review Video



Nothing is perfect though for what it does, Viddyoze comes close.

Let’s have a summary of the strengths and weaknesses.

The pros:

  • It runs in the cloud so nothing to download nor install
  • Easy to use. 
  • Robust long term platform
  • Fun Facebook community where you get help
  • Really works to make your videos pop
  • Can be a great side income
  • Long term support. Proven tool.

The cons

  • The rendering process can be slowish (nothing too bad just make sure you are not in a huge rush). Check your own internet connection too
  • Once you have completed creating your video, you download it but there is no way to preview.

Viddyoze costs and plans

Viddyoze funnel

As you can see, the funnel is tight which is nice and there are only 2 upgrades.

On the front end, you can choose between the personal or commercial license.

The image below highlights the difference.

Upgrade 1: Viddyoze Template Club $37 PM

Access to 1500+ templates of precious plus 20 more each month.

Perfect for power users or those who want to use Viddyoze to earn a side income.

Upgrade 2: Viddyoze White Label Edition $297 PM

This will be $997 PM when it rolls out later apparently but for now it is $297 pm.

Basically you can white label the software as you wish so it is yours and sell it as you wish.

A full list of what you get with this upgrade is below:

Viddyoze Upgrade

Viddyoze FAQ

Is Viddyoze any good?


You are asking that? 

I suggest you go back and re-read the article once more and you’ll know the answer.

Is Viddyoze a video editor?

No it is not. 

What it does enable you to do though is enhance what you currently have made.

Viddyoze allows you to create smaller video assets. 

This includes things such as: lower thirds, intros, outros, logo animations, transitions and others.

How to Make a side income with Viddyoze?

Use their vast array of templates and create unique designs to random folk looking for quick solutions.

Look at what folk can charge?


Is Viddyoze an app?

The short and sweet answer to this is no.  

Viddyoze is a web-based software (which means it works fine on a PC and MAC). There is absolutely nothing to download nor install. 

All you need is a computer, and internet connection and hands that can use a keyboard.

What can Viddyoze do?

It provides you with the ability to make animations for your videos to improve them aesthetically. 

If you get the  commercial license, then you’ll be able to sell your creations to your customers. 

Another thing you can do is Use Viddyoze as a sexy YouTube intro-maker. 


A good little money maker is to sell on freelancing sites such as upwork.

How do I cancel my Viddyoze account?

They have a 30 day no questions asked refund policy and I’ve found the team to be approachable and keep their word.

What are your Viddyoze Bonuses?

Thought you’d never ask.

If you buy Viddyoze on this page via my link, then you can get these unique bonuses:

1. YouTube ads scripts and Full Funnels

YouTube Snoop is a collection of very successful Youtube ads that you cannot find simply by looking.

I will give you the ads, the scripts and the landing pages of these ads so you can see what is working.

Then use Viddyoze to create popping video ads of your own.

2. Facebook Video Mastery and Video training

This guide to Facebook video will help you understand how to get more clients with Viddyoze or if you prefer, build a list for other reasons.

Viddyoze Bonus

3. Twitter Video Mastery

This guide to Twitter video will help you understand how to get more clients with Viddyoze by correctly utilizing video on the platform.

Upgrade Bonus

If you buy the template club or white label access, then you get the following bonus for as long as your template club or white label subscription is active:

  1. Embedinate Web-based software. Normally the funnel sells for $

Embedinate is a web based app that saves you time by automatically embedding your videos across 14 [and counting] high authority websites.

You will also get the PRO version which has image sharing and tier two backlinks built in.

Viddyoze Bonus


Regarding bonuses, please:

  1. Clear cookies before hitting the orange button
  2. Ensure my name [Adam Payne] is on the checkout page
  3. All bonuses will be delivered with your purchase inside PayKickStart

Get Viddyoze

If you have any questions or concerns about this Viddyoze review, please leave them below.
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