How to Spy on FB ads for Free

FB ads spy

In this brief post and video combo,  I’m going to show you how you can spy on Facebook ads without spending a penny in 2020 and beyond.

So, the first thing’s first, if you want to run any kind of paid ads, it’s important to utilize spy tools because they enable you to see what ads are running now, or have run in the past.

You can look at the creatives, the funnel, the targeting, and you can use that information to reverse engineer their funnels for your own stuff.

You can’t copy, of course, but you can use it for inspiration.

Too Expensive?

The trouble is to do this, you need to invest in spy tools.

Spy tools are very expensive.

They start at $299 per month in some cases.

But in this particular tool, there’s no cost.

And all you’ve got to do is come to

How to Use the Facebook Ads Library Video

How to Use the Facebook Ads Library Text

First, you’ll end up on a this page.

You do not have to be logged in to your Facebook account, but you can if you want.

Here you will type in the name of your competitors, your rivals, or a famous brand or somebody in the niche that you want to end up spying on.

Let’s say you don’t know anybody, you haven’t got a famous name off the top of your head, so you can just start typing in your niche.

So we can start typing in dog training and just see what comes up.

And we can see that there are a variety of different pages.

So let’s click on the first one and we’ll see if these people have any ads running right now and we can see that they do.

We can a little bit of information about the page.

And we can see that they have one ad running now.


Now they’ve got more ads running to the US.

They had a couple to Japan, but I got quite a few to the US.

This is great for everyone as you can see the copy, and the image used and use this intel for your own ads.

So it’s just a way of getting free inspiration.

And feel free to click on the ads and follow the funnel to see where prospects are taken.

The next step?

This is fairly simple, but it’s free.

If you want more data on ads then you are going to have to invest in a higher end spy tool such as this.

Or make do with free tools and their limitations.

Even so, it’s a great place to get started.

The only thing I’ll add to this is to NOT COPY. 

That’s stealing.

Use these ads for inspiration when crafting your own.

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