How to Make More Money with Affiliate Marketing

Last updated on October 16, 2020

Affiliate marketing for beginners

In this post we’re going to talk all about how to make more money with affiliate marketing, especially when you’ve got a ton of other people promoting the same product.

How do you stand out and get people to buy through your link?

If everyone’s promoting the same product, how do you make sure you stand out from the rest and make it hard for someone to resist not buying through your link?

There’s a bit of work to be done, so let’s get to it.

Make More Money with Affiliate Marketing


I remember when I got started I had a list of about a thousand people that I’d built up through solo ads.

Now we won’t get into the details of what solo ads are, but honestly speaking, I personally believe they’re one of the worst traffic sources out there.

They’re great for building a list, but they’re not very good for building a decent one.

I had a list of approximately a thousand people that I had built through solo ads back in the day.

So, I decided to promote my first product as an affiliate on WarriorPlus, and I chose a product that was $7.

I emailed it to my list, no one bought it.

I emailed it over two or three times and I ended up making three sales of a $7 product, which paid me a hundred percent commissions.

Nobody bought any of the upsells, so I made $21.

Several failed affiliate promotions later, I realized that my list was rubbish.

My fault.

But I saw the leaderboard, which of course I wasn’t on.

And I remember seeing two guys near the top and I remember it distinctly.

It was a guy called Han Fan and a guy called Ali G.

I remember thinking, why can they make all these sales and I can’t?

The reason was because they had skills that I didn’t have at that time.

They had knowledge that I didn’t have at that time.

They had experienced that I didn’t have, but most importantly those guys and everybody else above me had an audience.

Now fast forward to today, I’m pretty sure I could get more affiliate sales then both of those guys because I do things differently to most people.

But it all started with me realizing the importance of having an audience.

An Audience

When you are new, you don’t have an audience.

When any guru, or big name out there in any area got started, they didn’t have an audience.

But the truth is anybody can get one with the right application.

So, focus on building an audience.

What is one?

An audience is a group of people that are in your sphere of influence, to coin a term, Andre Chaperon uses, that know you exist, they listen to you they trust you, they believe you and they’ll buy through your recommendations.

But how do you build an audience?

There are tons of different ways.

A YouTube Channel

For me personally, I have my YouTube channel.

I love YouTube because people think that they know you, that they’re friends with you, and yet they’ve never even met you.

Now not everybody wants to get on video but I’m fine with it.

An Email list.

My email list now is predominantly built up of people that have come across me through video marketing and products that I have launched in the past on that topic.

So I’ve built up an area of expertise in the sub niche of video marketing.

Now, anybody that comes across me and is on my list in some way, shape or form has an interest in anything related to video.

The Conversion Point Review

I am very engaged with the people on my email list and will make personal videos, personal audios.

I reply personally and I don’t ignore people if they’ve got a problem.

I’ll email anybody that emails me.

Now, a list in itself, isn’t an audience until they’re engaged and if you’re just going to spam your list, they’re never going to be a real audience.

Facebook Group

Finally there is my Facebook group, which is another part of my audience.

My Beers with Adam Facebook group.

All of these things are my audience.

So for me it’s a Facebook group, it’s an email list that’s engaged, it’s a YouTube channel predominantly.

Do it in the best way that feels most comfortable to you.

If you don’t want to get on video, build a list or do something else, but get an audience.

The Above Elaborated On…

My list is tiny but it’s engaged and it’s good quality.

It’s come from being the hunted in a lot of cases, which is why again, I take people back to YouTube.

Somebody comes to YouTube and they type in, for example, ‘how to find a niche on youtube‘.

They find my video.

I show them how, then I direct them to my opt-in page to get onto my email list, which then on the thank you page shows them how to get onto my Facebook group and it all interlinks.

  • People on my list are not always in my Facebook group.
  • Some of my list aren’t even on Facebook sometimes.
  • People on YouTube aren’t on my list or on my Facebook group, but they watch the videos.

So you’ve got to get people from different angles and be consistent with Facebook groups I show up every single day.

With my list, I email almost every single day.

I make videos quite a lot and it’s consistency over time that has built up my quality and that’s really, really helpful.

So if you’re new and you’ve never made any sales before, focus on building an audience.

Then be honest to your audience.

It really is that simple.

When you’ve done that, you can make affiliate sales via reviews


Whenever I choose to review a product, I try and be as in-depth as possible and as honest as possible.

I mean there are certain reviews which I’ve been a bit too brief on, but for the majority of the case I try to be as detailed as possible.

Also, I don’t tend to put a product on this site if I think it’s rubbish, and believe me there’s a ton of crap out there.

So anybody that comes here knows that although it’s going to be detailed, it’s going to be honest.

Go Through the Product

If you want to get people to buy through your link, you need to actually go through the product in question.

So you need to either buy it or you need to get a review copy.

You then need to go through it in detail and you need to show people that you’ve gone through it, if you’re going to make a video, for example.

No good just talking over the sales page; any idiot can do that.

Your reviews need to be honest with the best intent of looking after your audience.

If you find a flaw in the product, tell people about it.

No product is perfect.

You’re not being horrible to that vendor.

But if you find a flaw or something missing, tell people about it.

If you don’t like something, like if you think the funnel is too big or it’s too expensive or one of the OTOs isn’t very good, tell people about it.

That’s what people will respect you more.

Don’t hide anything

Make More Money with Affiliate Marketing

Talk about the product, show them it.

The flaws, the pros, the cons, the pricing, the upgrades, everything that they need to know so they’ve not got to look elsewhere for other information.

You want to have everything there ready for people.

You’re not trying to force it down their throat and say, “Get this, it’s the best thing since sliced bread.”

Because that’s what all the other jokers are doing.

You’re basically saying, “this is a product, this is what it is, this is what it does, I’ll show you, this is how much.

It costs xx and if you want to buy it, I’ve got a great bonus.” 

You’ve got to be honest.

It’s a sad state of affairs when honesty is someone’s USP when it should be a given.

Everybody should be honest, but we all know that people aren’t.

So be honest, choose things that are going to benefit your list and don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you have to use it yourself.

There are lots of things that I review that I don’t use myself purely because the training is too basic for where I am right now.

Several years ago it would’ve been perfect for me, but I know that people watching my videos, reading my reviews might get value from that product.

So basic doesn’t mean bad.

Don’t fall into that trap.

With softwares too, you may not use it yourself.

As long as you test the software and it works and it’s functional, that is what’s most importnat.

It may not be something that you particularly need in your business, but you can still promote it as an affiliate ethically, so long as you’re just clear and up front and I think that will help you stand out.

You may think it’s obvious, but being honest will make you stand out from the crowd.

There are very few honest marketers out there.

A Review Site

If you’re going to make a review site, which I highly recommend that you do, then definitely be consistent with it and don’t get downhearted if you make no sales for the first month or two.

Because again, it comes down to an audience (have I mentioned this enough) and this is one way that you can build one.

Some folk only worry about getting these articles ranked.

Make More Money with Affiliate Marketing

For me, I prefer to get my videos ranked and link to the review.

Mix that in with some paid ads and bingo, website SEO become much less important/necessary.

And even if you do rank your website, people will still go back to the person they trust to buy it 9 times out of 10.

Bonus Packages

The next thing is offering a bonus.

We all know that when we promote a product as an affiliate, a lot of people go bonus shopping.

Now, I don’t personally believe that any product should have a bonus, but reality is you need one because everybody else has got one.

But you don’t want to fall into the trap of offering too much.

A lot of people would offer 50 plugins or 40 PLR things or whatever and it’s too much.

Nobody needs that stuff.

It’s just going to collect dust.

Make More Money with Affiliate Marketing

And don’t attach these fake, “Oh, it’s worth $50,000 my bonus package and buy the $7 PDF.”

It’s BS.

People aren’t stupid.

Well, some are, obviously, but a lot of people aren’t.

A Bonus Example:

Let me give you an example of a really cool bonus package that I offered a couple of years ago for a product called Adreel.

Click here to see the actual bonus.

My review video is currently ranking number one for ‘adreel review’, but it wasn’t ranking number one during the launch, it was fluctuating.

But the key reason that I believe I finished third, was my bonus.

I offered something unique.

I had to make this, nobody else could offer it and I guarantee you there was no bonus better than this for the product in question.

Adreel, in short, is a software that makes little videos for YouTube and Facebook ads, but that’s all it does.

It makes the videos.

It’s fantastic, I like it.

But making a video is no good if you don’t know what to do with the video.

So I made a complete training course, which I probably could have sold for $197 on YouTube and Facebook ads.

There were tons of videos in this training package.

And I also offered one of my softwares for anybody that bought OTO, one or two, which was a software which is congruent because it was about pulling placements for YouTube ads.

So, it was a no brainer, nobody else had a bonus as congruent and as in-depth as mine.

And that was how I was able to compete with the teams, or the big players.

How About You?

Now you might be thinking, “Well Adam, I can’t do that.

I don’t have a software and I don’t have the time or the ability to create something like this.”

Well, you can still make bonuses for people that are congruent, that make up for what’s missing.

That could just be one video.

Sometimes I’ve offered one video.

It could be a PDF, it could be a Skype call, it could be some stock videos that you’ve purchased and you’ve got the rights to give away.

But something congruent that’s unique, not something that everybody else is offering and keep it good but not too big and what I mean when I say too big, I mean not too many different things.

Things that people would potentially be having to pay for on their own.


The other thing that I recommend people do is what’s called pre-selling.

Now, pre selling is only possible really if you have an email list and it could be 20 people, it could be 20,000 people, you can still do it.

Make More Money with Affiliate Marketing

And I learned this technique from Andre Chaperon several years ago.

He called it an email triad whereas you send out three emails per promotion.

I’ve gone hardcore sometimes I’ve sent out 10 but for example, what happens is several days before a launch, I’ll start emailing out if it’s something that I’m going to take seriously for a great product.

And I’ll start emailing out a set of stories that follow on one from the other and it hooks people in.

It gets people reading it, it builds anticipation.

Just Before Launch

And then one or two days before the launch, I link them to my review post.

They can’t buy it because it’s not live, but they’ve been through this story and then they suddenly get to this page through an email and now if they’ve come this far they’re almost guaranteed to buy it.

And then of course the next day I say it’s live, go here.

I can send them back to the review.

And if they’ve gone through three or four or five emails and they’ve come to my review page a couple of times.

Then if they decide to click this button, they’re almost guaranteed to buy.

That’s why my conversion rate is so high because I put in the effort.

I put in the work and over the time and years gone by, I’ve built up the trust factor and I’m congruent with this.

I don’t just promote a great product once and then promote a piece of rubbish the next time.

You’ve got to be consistent and that is the key.

I can do it because I’ve put in that work and the effort and that’s why anybody else can do it, if they’ve got the right mindset.

To Summarise

So the main things I think that you need to focus on, audience and being honest, treating your audience, how you would like to be treated.

You would not like somebody to promote rubbish to you just for a quick commission.

Don’t do it to them.

  • Yes, you might make mistakes.
  • Yes, you may choose a vendor that you didn’t know and then they didn’t support the product.
  • We all make mistakes.
  • We all promote stuff, looking back in hindsight, maybe it wasn’t a good idea.

But you can only do your best.

Focus on this stuff and I guarantee you will see better results.

Start building your list, building your audience, maybe even launching your own products.

Then you’re definitely going to be able to get better results as time goes by.

I appreciate you and I’ll see you soon and lest make more money with affiliate marketing.

How to Make More Money with Affiliate Marketing – Video: 

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