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Last updated on October 16, 2020

Vanity Metrics

In this post today, I’m going to explain to you how focusing on how many subscribers you have, or how many views you have on your video is the wrong way to go about YouTube marketing. 

We call these vanity metrics.

Most people online who make videos and want to grow a YouTube channel, think that it’s all about getting a ton of subscribers, and a ton of views.

And if they can do that, it will equal success.

But unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

Now I get it, it is what everybody says, grow a massive channel, and you’ll be successful.

You get a lot of views, a lot of subs, but unfortunately, these are vanity metrics.

And the last time I checked, you cannot take your views, and you cannot take your subscribers and put them in the bank.

See, most people see channels with masses of views and subscribers as a moneymaker.

But if that were true, everybody that had a big following on social media would make money, right?

But unfortunately, we all know that that is not the case.

Let me explain more…

Vanity Metrics

Vanity Metrics

Instagram Influencer Fail

You may remember this story from 2019.

There was an influencer on Instagram who had two million followers, yet she couldn’t even sell 36 T-shirts.

From the outside looking in, two million followers appears to be successful.

But if you cannot turn 2 million followers into money in the bank, what’s the point?

Now having a lot of followers obviously does not equate to her getting a decent ROI.

YouTube Study – Poverty line

There was a study done by a German professor called Mathias Bartl.

He looked at the top 3% of the most viewed YouTube channels, and he found that on average, these people were earning just under $17,000 US dollars per year, which is just above the poverty line.

Which brings us to the problem of what to do and how to do it?

And I’ve crafted a guide on this, which you can get below, and it’s all about intent.

It comes down to understanding the different types of keywords there are out there, and knowing the intent of the person that’s putting these keywords into YouTube or Google.

You have the intent of the person searching for the answer to a question or a problem or something like that, and just crafting content and putting it in front of them.

If you want to get this guide, then click here and it’s yours.

Vanity Metrics explained in this video

So, what do you think about vanity metrics?

Do you agree?

Let us know below.

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