Traffic Trigger Review

Episode 198 – Traffic Trigger Review

Traffic Trigger Review Goes Live March 18th at 10AM EST Traffic Trigger i a new product by Art Flair, Ray Lane and Alex Krulik. Alex is a software guy behind some cool products, so it was that which prompted me to look. Art and Ray both release and promote a TON of stuff so there…

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YouTube Ads Mastery Review

Episode 197 – YouTube Ads Mastery Review

YouTube Ads Mastery Review Click Here March 11th @ 10AM EST YouTube Ads Mastery is my own product, so naturally I am going to be biased. But here is my review ( or should I say overview) of it. YouTube ads are a goldmine and so underused it is not funny. There are several misconceptions…

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VideoBold Review

Episode 196 – Videbold Review

Videbold Review Click here on Feb 27th @11AM EST Today I’m quite excited because it is not often I can get access to a good quality product that has so many potential uses. VideoBold by Justin Sardi and James Okeke, however, is one of those. Let me preface this by talking about the Dollar Shave…

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Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

As you are no doubt aware, there has been a bit of a scandal in the IM arena regarding a product called Junk Traffic Alchemy ( at least they named it well). In short, many folk dodged a bullet. This product was going to be released and promoted despite the fact the sales page was…

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Easy VSL 3

Episode 194 – Easy VSL 3 Review

Easy VSL 3 Review Click Here FEBRUARY 21ST, 2017 @ 11AM EST One of the biggest problems for a lot of video marketers is the ability to create pro looking videos. For me personally, I’d say this is the hardest thing. Sure there are tons of whiteboard video style makers out there but they have…

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Video Spin Blaster Pro

Episode 193 Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus Review

Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus Review Live Feb 10th @ 11AM EST In this review, I’ll be looking at Video Spin Blaster Pro by two of my video friends, Stoica and Vlad. They are both from Romania and create killer software and they support it too which is normal in the real world, but lacking…

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Episode 192 Local Lead Beast Review

Local Lead Beast Review Local Lead Beast is a new product by Ray Lane. In short, this a software ( web based) that is a TIME SAVER. It allows you to instantly find lists of businesses in any niche area. You get their name, address, email and phone number plus the website if they have…

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Facebook Video Profits Review

Episode 191 – Facebook Video Commission Profits Review

Facebook Video Commission Profits Review UPDATE: LAUNCH NOW MARCH 11TH Click Here Feb 4rd at 11AM EST and is discounted early on. Facebook Video Commission Profits is Mario Brown’s latest product. As you may know, I really like Mario’s trainings. He practices what he preaches and is a good teacher. Facebook Video Profits, which I’m reviewing today, is…

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The Affiliate Oracle Review

Episode 190 – The Affiliate Oracle Review [Updated]

The Affiliate Oracle Review [Updated] Last year I created and sold one of my own products called the Affiliate Oracle. It was a membership site that I priced originally at $9.95 before upping it to $17. There are 12 modules overall PLUS monthly updates. Scroll down the page for more detail on that. These are…

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Page one rankings

Tutorial: How to Get Page One Rankings with White Hat Linkbuilding tips

How to Get Page One Rankings with White Hat Linkbuilding tips Rather than review anything, I thought I’d give you this SEO tip. This works for videos or websites. It’s completely whitehat and legal and will NEVER get you into trouble. It just takes a few minutes and you can find some gems to link…

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