Episode 296 – InVideo Review

Last updated on December 21, 2019

InVideo Review

Video content consumption is sky rocketing.

Successful marketers need to take advantage of this, and incorporate video into their marketing strategy, or risk being left behind.

But that in itself poses a variety of problems.

  • The kind of video you should make
  • The fact that different platforms require videos on different aspect ratios.
  • Many people are afraid to appear on camera.

The first two problems above are kind of connected.

What most folk do, and this is wrong by the way, is make a video for YouTube, and then share the link of that video across other social media.

The problems here are:

  1. Facebook, Pinterest etc do not want to promote those links therefore they will not show posts with YouTube links in to many people. 
  2. A YouTube video is not the same dimensions as a video for, say, Instagram.

You can find all the social video media specs here for the main social media platforms.

The majority of videos can be split into horizontal, square and vertical.

Let’s look in more detail at the types of videos you can make with InVideo.

InVideo Review of Video Styles?

One of the most popular kinds of videos on YouTube are listicles.

Listicles are like a top 5 or top 10 of something.

These video can rack up millions of views yet are surprisingly simple to create; especially with InVideos listicle templates.

If your niche has many of its customers on platforms like Instagram or Pinterest, then you’ll want to be able to simply create vertical videos like the sample of InVideo templates below.

If you find yourself more on Facebook or Twitter, then you can utilize the square video templates.

These are perfect for showcasing e-commerce offers or for branding.

InVideo Review

Here is a full list of the different kinds of InVideo templates available:

How to make a video?

Upon logging in you get presented with 3 main options as so:

Converting a Script:

One of the best video creators for introverts is Content Samurai.

I love it.

And InVideo works in a similar way in this respect.

You copy and paste a script from a blog, an article or whatever.

You choose your template and then the software gives you a video to keep or to edit.

I suggest you edit it.

There are plenty of editing options as you can see both in the below image and in the review video a bit further down.

Things you can edit:

  • Background images and videos ( from their repository)
  • Text: fonts, sizes, colours, placements etc
  • Slides: Length, transitions
  • Audio: Use their music or upload a file of your own to synch

We have already spoken about the templates and should you want, you can create a brand new video from scratch.

InVideo Review Video

What are the negatives?

I am very impressed with InVideo to be honest but there were a few negatives:

  • It only works on Chrome. InVideo is not supported in other browsers.
  • Video length is limited to 3 minutes. For non YouTube videos, this is actually fine but for YouTube, you may at times want to make longer videos.

Now let’s move on to how much it costs.

InVideo Pricing

InVideo Review


InVideo Review Summary

Videos are a powerful way to tell your brand story and capture attention.

InVideo does a great job in allowing its users to craft professional videos for all purposes and I’ll leave you with this image of its main features:


Try InVideo out here by clicking on the red button:


PS…If you have any questions about this review, please leave them below.

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