Episode 293 – Symphoni – A Masterclass in Spotify Ads

Last updated on October 16, 2020

Symphoni Review

Symphoni Review

Audio ads are one of the most exciting forms of self-serve advertising to be released in the past 2yrs.

While not many people even know that Audio Ads even exist, multinational brands have jumped all over the opportunity.

So for the average person, this is something relatively untapped.

Spotify Ads

Now, I do not pretend to know anything about Spotify ads. 

I actually created my own Spotify account after going through this training.

I can, however, spot the potential in it.

Spotify is not really for people with smaller niched down stuff.

It works better for much larger niches with wide appeal.

Things like: weight loss, muscle, skin care, work from home and so on.

SYMPHONI is a training program by JayKay Dowdall designed to teach newbie and veteran marketers about  using audio ads that are played every 3-5 songs to 116,000,000 ad-supported listeners on the worlds #1 music streaming service – Spotify.

Side Note: JayKay has created several training programs that are stellar and very well put together.

These ads are allowed to advertise uncloaked affiliate links to CPA offers, info-products and more.

The traffic can also be sent to email collection landing pages, messenger bot lists, and more.

JayKay has broken down the content into small modules with a clear goal – teaching students what audio ads are, how they work, how to design them, and how to monetize the traffic.

The training also explains how to keep costs as low as possible by only running ads for as low as $1.83 per day, and how to get their ads designed for free.

A few things about Spotify Ads:

  • Spotify has limited targeting as it’s geo based or demographic based plus their music interests.
  • It’s interruption marketing, so will never be as good/targeted as Google/YouTube.
  • You will need a budget.

Symphoni Review Video

Symphoni Review of the Funnel

Symphoni Review

OTO 1: DONE-FOR-YOU STARTER KIT ($47.00 @ 50% Commission)

    • Includes a collection of Spotify ads, and other audio ads that are running right now
    • 10 DFY ad templates that you can copy-paste and add your own details

OTO 1 Downsell : Gold Card Trial ($27 @ 50%)

  • Access to JUST the templates, does not include any of the ad recordings from top Spotify advertisers

OTO 2 : CONDUCTOR PACKAGE ($147 @ 50%)

    • Access to multiple videos, and templates that will teach how to sell Spotify advertising to local businesses.
    • All selling and phone appointments are booked using cold email marketing, no cold-calling is required.
    • Includes case studies where JayKay has sold this to local businesses through email totally over $9,000 in sales
    • Objection handling statements for increasing sales, etc.
    • Includes detailed prospecting content on how to find local businesses, etc.
  • The opportunity to sell Spotify to local business is RIPE as radio advertising remains of the top expenditures for small business in local areas…


To me, OTO 1 would be a great addition, especially as almost everyone will be new to these ads.

Symphoni Summary:


  • Great for big niches
  • Spotify does not have many restrictions
  • It is very simple to do and the training is well done as is all JayKay’s stuff.
  • You can promote most things and use direct linking as well. Bit like the old days of Facebook. 
  • Perfect for affiliate or CPA marketing
  • Great for your own products/services
  • Great for branding/Exposure
  • Awesome for getting real people to your E-com store
  • Good for getting more customers to your bricks and mortar business.



  • Only available in a few countries. USA, Canada, UK and Australia. 
  • Like all paid ads that are new, there will be a learning curve although they do look super simple to set up.

PS…I hope you liked this Symphoni review. Please leave any comments or questions below and click on the below link to grab Symphoni.

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Symphoni Bonuses

23 page keyword Mastery PDF. If you follow this and apply, you’ll NEVER run out of ideas for video content and you’ll know exactly how to approach your YouTube marketing by crafting Calls to Action that match the viewer expectation.

In simple terms, this means better leads and higher conversions.


My Private Clickbank Spreadsheet. All Decent gravity offer that have and don’t have an autoplay video so you can see which ones are FB compliant.

I will also throw in a Clickbank insiders Data PDF.

Symphoni Review

My VMI Guide to Local marketing (with video script for local)

A 12-page guide on pricing, what you can offer prospective clients, what upsells you can offer, niches to get into and more.

I wrote this so it’s a totally unique bonus.


VMI beginner guide to Bing Ads and Video marketing.

10-page beginner guide to taking out BING (Microsoft) ads in conjunction with video




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  1. Adam, Excellent review.

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    Also I was not taken to any of the OTOs. Can you send me those links.



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