Episode 291 – How to Product Reviews that sell

Last updated on January 8, 2020

Product Reviews that sell

Unless you stand out from the crowd, you’ll blend into the background.

As an affiliate marketer you can’t afford that.

Your competition is tough because, give or take a bonus or two, you’re selling the same stuff as everyone else – and some of them have been around longer than you.

They have bigger blogs, more subscribers to their YouTube channels and quite probably deeper pockets and more influence with other marketers.

So how are YOU going to get noticed and make some sales when you’re being drowned out by all these big guns?

The above is an small excerpt taken from Trevor Emdon’s new guide, How to Create Product Reviews that sell.

Most folk Share Vanity

Look on any social media and you’ll see people touting their success.

This maybe through ‘look at me’ style posts showing off:

+ YouTube Subs

+ Video Views

+ Instagram followers

+ Facebook fans

+ Likes, tweets, pins etc

Well, I have news for you. 

These things mean nothing.

All that matters is ROI.

And you make a good ROI via reviews by:

+ Being authentic

+ Showing up for people

+ offering help and value

+ Responding to queries and tickets

+ Not promoting everything just for a quick buck.

+ Reviewing what works

Funny thing is, very few seem to get that, and even fewer act on it.

They are too busy telling Facebook how great they are.

Trevor is not like that and his product delivers on its promise.

Who is Trevor Emdon?

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of Trevor.  

He’s a British marketing coach whose background isn’t marketing.  

Surprisingly, it’s psychotherapy – which puts him in a unique place because he understands better than most what makes people buy – and what makes them walk away.

Let’s look at his new training:

Product Reviews That Sell Review



So that’s it in a nutshell.

It’s $17 and there’s nothing else to buy.

And you might not here of it from many other folk as, like me, Trevor does not play the blind reciprocation game.


If you want to make better quality written or video reviews that sell, then the tiny investment is worth it.

And you’ll get a little bonus too:


As a little bonus, I’m gonna give you 2 videos that showed how I made $4,163 plus bonus prizes and converted at 83% for a review I did not that long ago. 

That plus this should put you in good stead for doing reviews that convert in whatever niche you are in.

Clear cookies and click the green button and the bonus will be inside with your purchase. 

Product Reviews that sell


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