CB Superstar Review

Episode 272 – ClickBank Superstar Review

ClickBank Superstar Review Get your copy here As you probably know, there has been a lot of fuss recently with people getting their Paypal accounts shut down.  Sometimes deservedly so, sometimes not. This has led to people not being able to sell products as they have no Paypal account. Which, has led to some folk…

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Email Fire 2 Review

Episode 271 – EMail Fire 2 Review

EMail Fire 2 Review  Goes Live: FridayJanuary 18th at 9am Writing emails that get opened clicked and ultimately lead to sales is one of the hardest things for many marketers. People struggle with: How often to email What to talk about How and when to do a promotion What subject lines to use How to get clicks…

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Episode 270 – Interactr Local Review

Interactr Local Review Launch Date:  Tuesday January 8th > Launch Time:  11:00 AM EST > Close Date:  Friday January 11th > Close Time:  23:59 PM EST The problem people have when trying to make money with video as a local marketer is it’s getting harder and harder to sell videos to businesses. Interactr Local by Ryan…

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Twitter Video Ads mastery

Episode 269 – Twitter Video Mastery review

Twitter Video Mastery Review Twitter Video marketing is an little known marketing strategy. Sure there are some folk doing it well, but few people teaching it. Due to that, it is hard for the newer person to get going. There is simply a lack of training. I wrote a pretty fantastic (If I say so…

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Episode 268 – Funnelize Review

Funnelize Review  Starts: Wednesday 19th DECEMBER @ 10AM EST ENDS: Wednesday 26th DECEMBER @ 11:59PM EST   It was not long ago that I first came across JayKay Dowdall when he made a stellar course called Evolution.  Since then, I’ve become a fan and he has made 3 of the top 5 courses I have seen…

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Affiliate Tuber Review

Episode 267 – Affiliate Tuber Review

Affiliate Tuber Review Price has changed from a one time payment to now $47 P.M.   It’s no secret that my niche is video marketing. After doing YouTube for years, I have learnt a lot and run a successful video marketing membership site. VMI members do not need this (not a con of the product…

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Spytrack Review

Episode 266 – Spytrack Review

Spytrack Review GOES LIVE 12th DECEMBER 11AM EST All serious affiliate marketers use spy tools. These tools allow marketers to see what competitors are doing, what ads are running, what keywords are being used and so on. Unfortunately, many of these tools come with crazy prices. In the hundreds of dollars per month. This means…

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Audioflow review

Episode 265 – AudioFlow Review

AudioFlow Review Goes Live 11AM EST Nov 20th. Closes Nov 24th Midnight EST Watch out for coupon codes on the sales page (check the bottom) Audioflow is a new tool by Josh Ratta that is a kind of all in one solution for audio related video creators. I did get a review a while back but…

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Viddyclick review

Episode 264 – Viddyclick Review

Viddyclick Review October 16 – 22 10:00 AM EST ——————————- 6-Day Launch Ends on 10/22 @ 10:00 am EST Video creation can be the stumbling block for many video marketers. Not only can video creation be time consuming but many people lack confidence to appear on camera. Stock videos sell well because of this, and many people prefer to…

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Instant Social Profits 2 Review

Episode 263 – Instant Social Profits 2.0 Review

Instant Social Profits 2.0 Review 31st October 2018 at 10AM EST   Facebook groups are insanely profitable if done right. So why not learn from someone who runs multiple groups as their full time thing, the largest having just under 30,000 members. David Fearon does just that. In fact, he makes a full time income…

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