Rapid Traffic Masterclass Review

Episode 184 – Rapid Traffic Masterclass Review

Rapid Traffic Masterclass Review November 26th, 2016 @ 10am US EST Rapid Traffic Masterclass is a new product by Stefan Ciancio. In short, it is making niche sites and driving traffic to them via a specific Pinterest method. Then monetizing them with Adsense. Well put together and while Pinterest is not new, I really liked the Pinterest…

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Tube Architect Review

Episode 183 – Tube Architect Review

Tube Architect Review Click here on Nov 24th @ 3AM EST – 3 Day launch prize Freeze I don’t know about you, but these days, YouTube softwares that promise page one rankings overnight seem to be a) in fashion, and b) crap. Shame but for the most part, true. anyone can rank a video super…

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LinkedIn Arbitrage Cash Review

Episode 182 – LinkedIn Arbitrage Cash Review

LinkedIn Arbitrage Cash Review LinkedIn Arbitrage Cash is Lee Cole’s system for making real money on LinkedIn. Well, it is his and his partner’s, Gloria Gunn’s.  LinkedIn Arbitrage Cash sells for $17 but what exactly is it? Gloria was looking for an easy product to sell through LinkedIn, because she wanted to build a list…

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YT Gorilla Review

Episode 181 – YT Gorilla Review

YT Gorilla Review Click Here on Nov 15th @ 11AM EST for the best price Andrew Fox is one of the biggest and most successful Internet marketer around. But secretly, he has been making waves on YouTube His brother Chris and he, while perhaps not known for YouTube, have been behind some huge channels. One…

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cpa conversion point review

Episode 180 – CPA Conversion Point Review

CPA Conversion Point Review Click here on Nov 11th at 9AM EST CPA Conversion Point is a product that I have co-made with my friend, and expert CPA marketer Neil Moran. Neil has expertise in Bing PPC and CPA in general and made the front end training. The front end product consists of two very…

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Video Titan 3 Review

Episode 179 – VIDEO TITAN 3.0 Review

Video Titan 3.0 Review Click here on Nov 8th @11 AM EST Video Titan 3 is a software & training package focused on video marketing. The offer a 5-piece video software for video ( YouTube and Facebook). This is put together by the Memeplex team. To be honest, although I’d heard of them, I do…

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Video Vortex 2 Review

Episode 178 – Video Link Vortex 2.0 Review

Video Link Vortex 2.0 Review When I first got going online I bought a training by a guy called Bill Cousins. It was called Video Rocket ( I think). It was the first product that worked for me and kickstarted my interest in YouTube. Today I got the chance to speak with him 1-1, say…

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Membership Dons

Episode 177 – Membership Dons Review

Membership Dons Review Click here at 2AM EST on Oct 15TH If you have never heard of Kam Fatz ( interesting nickname) then he’s a pretty cool guy. He seems to be a lone ranger who does not follow the group herd of many marketers and I for one, like that. Like me, his main thing is…

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Vid Reaper Review

Episode 176 – Vid Reaper Review

Vid Reaper Review Oct 10th @ 10AM EST to Oct 14th 11:59PM EST Vid Reaper is a Cloud based software that finds profitable topics, titles and keywords so that you can create videos that dominate. Or at least that what it says. The key to YouTube is not just making and ranking videos, but you…

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Turnkey Profit Machines Review

Episode 175 – Turnkey Profit Machines Review

Turnkey Profit Machines Review 8th October 2016 @ 10am US EST Turnkey Profit Machines is an E-commerce case study showing exactly how Phil Schaffer has set up his business: what he sells, how much he sells for, how much he buys for, where he gets the traffic in order to sell $38,000 of product and generate a…

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