Episode 286 – Thumbnail Blaster Review

Last updated on January 8, 2020

Thumbnail Blaster Review

Ranking videos on YouTube is one of the most highly sought after skills but few people know how to do it.

And many of those who do know how, still struggle.


They rank poorly made videos or they rank videos that sell/promote poor offers thus losing the trust of their viewers.

Regardless of your skillset, one of they key factors of ranking a video is having an attractive and enticing Youtube Thumbnail.

The reason for this is that it is the first thing that will grab the prospective viewer’s attention.

The next big thing is the title.

Here’s an old Skool but good and free tool for analyzing subject lines or headlines:

Those two things are the main points that will decide whether someone will watch your video and while a title is easy to create, a thumbnail image is harder to create.

So what are your options?

YouTube Thumbnail Creation Options?

  • Photoshop. This has a learning curve and even if you get ok with the basics, are you really able to make something sexy?
  • Canva. This is great and free. I have used it many times. But you cannot create anything really groundbreaking
  • Youzign I tried this and it had potential but was not up to scratch to me.
  • Outsource. I do this. I pay per thumbnail but not everyone has the budget.
  • Kickass Tuber. A toned down simpler version of Photoshop. Some great templates.
  • Try this new cloud based software called Thumbnail Blaster.

Thumbnail blaster is a new cloud based platform made by the blaster team.

They have many products but these days, I do not see the need for their stuff apart from Lingoblaster.

Thumbnail blaster does though, look cool.

I mean, I’m not a graphics guy so this could be useful.

After logging in and connecting a YouTube channel. you use their templates, edit them and add directly to your channel.

While that will solve lots of problems, it’s not a perfect system as I’ll show:

Thumbnail Blaster Review Video

Thumbnail Blaster Templates

What templates do you get that you can edit?

  • General: 17 templates using stock images

Here is a shot of most of the general thumbnail templates that you will need to edit to suit your needs.

  • Marketing: 19 templates
  • Local: 17 templates
  • E-com: only 3
  • Clickbait: 13
  • Gaming: 6
  • Weight Loss: 9
  • Guide: 8
  • Pets: 5
  • Reviews: 12
  • Sports: 8
  • Stocks: 4
  • Top/Best: 6
  • Others: 12
  • DIY: 4
  • Beauty: 9
  • Pranks: 2
  • Food and Diet zero (so not sure why this is included)
  • Random clickbait one added last


Thumbnail Blaster Review of the Funnel

Thumbnail Blaster Review

  • F/E: Thumbnail Blaster including ‘Split Test’ option
  • Upgrade #1: Pro Version – Multiple YouTube accounts. A.I. Image Analyzer
  • OTO #2: Agency Upgrade – Agency rights + Agency website
  • Upgrade #3: Template Club – 20 new Templates/month + BONUS: 20 VIP templates
  • OTO #4: LingoBlaster PRO – Translate your Titles and Descriptions into over 100 languages.

Off the above, Upgrade 3 seems the best option if you end up getting this as the number of templates are what is lacking IMO.

OTO 4 can be grabbed here for $37 if you want the basic one rather than the pro version that is offered in the funnel (pro is normally 37+47/3months but it’s one time payment on this launch).

I do like the guys behind this but I have been on their email list before and been promoted some incredibly poor products so just be warned for that if you do buy.

Thumbnail Blaster Summary


  •  Does what it says on the tin
  •  Clear training
  •  The templates they do have are slick and attractive
  •  Will help if you are like me and have limited graphic skills


  • Lacking in templates. For many niches you will struggle to find something
  • You still need to do the editing to make it congruent to your video
  • Still need to download the thumbnail to add meta data
  • The AI image analyzer is free to anyone


In short, it’s quite a good offer but be fully aware of what I’ve spoken about and decide if you need it.

As with all these things, most people will tell you it’s amazing and they use it when I would rather say this is what it really is, if you want it, here ya go.

If so, you can access it below and I’ll throw in a few bonuses.


PS…Hope you liked this Thumbnail Blaster review. Please leave a comment if you have any questions.


Clickbank Bonus Automator Review

Thumbnail Blaster Bonus With a Difference

(you must clear cookies and the bonus URL will be with your purchase. If it is not there, then you inadvertently got this through someone else’s link).


Rather than pull 25 plugins and 45 PLR products out of my arse, here’s a personal bonus package deal:


Bonus deal Combo: 

    • Run YouTube Ads? I will pull monetized videos using my own software for a video ad of your choice.
    • Ahrefs Report? Tell me 2-3 main keywords, And I’ll send you a full on Ahrefs list of related KW for you to target with video. For local marketers, you may be limited in results due to the nature of video.

Extra Bonuses:

15 Local Business Intro Videos


15 Local Business Intro Videos that will make your videos convert better and increase the retention rate!

People like to have a face to connect with.

You can use these videos for yourself or sell them to your Local Clients and keep 100% of the profits.


Bulk Image Editor will help you mass edit your local images.

Work that could take hours in the past can now be done in seconds.

You will be able to resize, add watermark, crop and convert all images from one folder, with one single click!













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