GB Cracked Review

Episode 205 – GB Cracked Review

GB Cracked Review Goes live on May 14th @10AM EST Facebook ads courses are a dime a dozen. some are good, others bad. So when I heard about another one I as not sure I could be bothered. But I know and like the guys behind it so I looked. In short, it’s a FB…

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LiveCaster Review

Episode 204 – LiveCaster Review

LiveCaster Review April 28th @ 11AM EST I’ve been extolling the virtues of doing YouTube live vides for years now. Why? coz it works for rankings. All things being equal, a video uploaded as a live event will outrank a regular video and a Google hangout. I’ve proven this through testing and I’m not the…

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IM Video Masters Review

Episode 203 – IM Video Masters Review

IM Video Masters Review Goes live April 26th 10:00AM EST– ends at 11:59PM, Sunday April 30th Video related courses get released all the time so when I saw another one, I was not so keen to check it out at first. But Kevin Fahey is a well-respected marketer and it was the first time I had seen…

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Board Commander Review

Episode 202 – Board Commander Review

Board Commander Review Launching April 23rd 10am – April 26th midnight Pinterest is a great traffic source. But it’s not used nor well understood by many. I’d hedge a bet that most people think it’s a place where women share food and fashion pics and other related images. It may have more women than men…

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Facebook Video Commission Profits review

Episode 201 – Facebook Video Commission Profits Review

Facebook Video Commission Profits Review April 14th, 11am EST Click Here Feb 4rd at 11AM EST and is discounted early on. Facebook Video Commission Profits is Mario Brown’s latest product. As you may know, I really like Mario’s trainings. He practices what he preaches and is a good teacher. Facebook Video Profits, which I’m reviewing today, is no…

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Video Ads Traffic Review

Episode 200 – Video Ads Traffic Review

Video Ads Traffic Review Live on April 9th @ 10AM EST Video Ads Traffic is 2 products in one. I’ll explain each one below: a) In 2015, i made a product called Social Traffic Alchemy. It was a success, sold over $100K and was about viral FB video ads. But Times change. it is now 2017.…

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The affiliate takeover review

Episode 199 – The Affiliate Takeover Review

The Affiliate Takeover Review Goes Live march 19th @9AM EST A month or so ago, Lenny Rowell and I released Tube Rank Explosion. People loved it. So we are back again this time with Affilaite Takeover. It’s similar but with a twist. It’s about launch jacking CPA, Clickbank, And IM products and ranking them. True,…

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Traffic Trigger Review

Episode 198 – Traffic Trigger Review

Traffic Trigger Review Goes Live March 18th at 10AM EST Traffic Trigger i a new product by Art Flair, Ray Lane and Alex Krulik. Alex is a software guy behind some cool products, so it was that which prompted me to look. Art and Ray both release and promote a TON of stuff so there…

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YouTube Ads Mastery Review

Episode 197 – YouTube Ads Mastery Review

YouTube Ads Mastery Review Click Here March 11th @ 10AM EST YouTube Ads Mastery is my own product, so naturally I am going to be biased. But here is my review ( or should I say overview) of it. YouTube ads are a goldmine and so underused it is not funny. There are several misconceptions…

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VideoBold Review

Episode 196 – Videbold Review

Videbold Review Click here on Feb 27th @11AM EST Today I’m quite excited because it is not often I can get access to a good quality product that has so many potential uses. VideoBold by Justin Sardi and James Okeke, however, is one of those. Let me preface this by talking about the Dollar Shave…

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