Episode 255 – Destiny Review – Is it any good?

Last updated on July 22, 2018

Destiny Review

Thurs July 26th 10AM EST LAUNCH ENDS: July 31st 23:59PM EST


[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ometimes, I can be a bit old school. There are so many new ideas and concepts released and I feel people need to master the basics before jumping into bed with everything.

When I heard about a new product called Destiny, I thought to dismiss it but here I am and I’m glad I didn’t.

Destiny is a training by Jaykay Dowdall. His last training, FB Masters was excellent and he is a gifted trainer. Destiny, his new product which I have decided to review here in depth is of similar high quality.

It is not without a few faults but I see the power of this and I will be using it to promote Video Marketing Insider.

So what is it and why am I so excited? Let’s get this Destiny Review off the ground.

Well, it is a new way to build a list, get almost 100% opens and 100% clicks to your links. These could be affiliate offers in ANY niche, your own products or services or CPA offers.

What happens is you connect a service called ManyChat to your Facebook account. 

ManyChat allows you to create chat bots. These are shown in the review video but many of you may have seen them before.

Let’s say I ask a question on my FB page with a link, or I add a link to a landing page I promote.

People decide to click on the link (Opt-in) and they get immediately taken to their Facebook messenger. They are greeted with a pre-written message. It looks like the message is being typed in real time.

At the end there is a question with a choice of answers. Depending on what folk click they are taken through a conversation which leads to an end goal (maybe a sale).

As this is done directly on Facebook, the open rate and click through rates are way way higher than normal email.

JayKay explains and shows how to set all of this up in an easy to grasp way with over the shoulder tutorials.

Here is a sneak peak into the member’s area:

Not only is this training well presented, it is super doable for any level and the possibilities are frightening.

Granted, many will use this to promote crappy IM offers, and even in the case studies this has happened in my opinion, but the process is fantastic and this is slickly put together.

So let’s have a look at my Destiny Review Video…

Destiny Review video

Destiny Review of the Funnel

Destiny Funnel


OTO 1: 10 DFY Chatbots ($37)


    • 10 chatbots that are proven to convert with both free and paid traffic
    • Instructions on how to use them
    • These chatbots are designed around different objectives including; selling affiliate products, getting people onto an email list, getting registrations, and more


OTO 1 Downsell : 5 DFY Chatbots ($17)


  • 5 of the Chatbots are removed from the pack


OTO 2 : AutoPilot List Builder ($47)


  • This training will teach you how to how to create a small adjustment inside your chatbot to automatically capture email addresses from your chatbot subscribers and add them to an email autoresponder.
  • DFY chatbot is also included to get permission from the chatbot subscriber remain spam-compliant.
  • DFY email swipes are also included as a logical follow-up sequence for new email subscribers.


OTO 2 Downsell : Autopilot List Builder LITE ($27 )


  • You ONLY get the video training, no DFY chatbots or email swipes


OTO 3 : DESTINY Masters ($197 )


  • Advanced and detailed training explaining how to create “webinar chatbots” that will promote a high-ticket item.
  • The chatbot can also register the user for the webinar, and even send follow-up messages as part of the lead-in to the webinar
  • Also works with auto-webinars
  • Access to a high-ticket webinar to promote as an affiliate that delivers $247 commission (not, I do not know if this an ethical offer or not so be warned).
    • You DO NOT need to create their own content for the webinar
    • It’s a simple Plug ‘N Play service: Drop your affiliate link into that chatbot = done!
  • Also includes DFY chatbots to specifically around the high-ticket webinar strategy;
    • These chatbots are suitable for free, solo, or FB ads traffic.


In short, OTO 1 is a time saver, OTO 2 more value while 3 is some high end training.

Destiny Summary


  • Good quality and in depth training.
  • Cheap as chips
  • The potential is huge with this. I really really like it. You’ll need to take your time, go through it and implement, which many won’t. Do that and you’ll be all set.



  • You’ll need to invest in Many Chat (a bot software). It is free to start with though. Similarly to JayKay’s Evolution, where you needed to invest in Clickmagick to make it work, there are additional costs which may not be explained on the sales page.

Destiny Bonuses

I have taken the time to craft some congruent bonuses. These are not available anywhere else so if you want them, clear your cookies and get Destiny via my link.

Please ensure to grab OTO 3 if you want the final sexy bonus at the bottom.

Destiny Bonus


Video Marketing Insider

How to build a list on Facebook


Despite Destiny being about chatbots, ‘normal’ list building should not be ignored.

This training covers leads in the IM niche that are double opt-in (meaning they have to confirm subscription to get the lead magnet).

My best results were leads at 33 cents each. Not bad. That went up to just over 54 cents per lead and approx 10-15 per day.

This course currently sells for $47.





In one of JayKay’s last launches I made a video for his community about how to use the Facebook pixel in combination with ClickBank.

Why is this needed? Well, you need to be able to track stuff should you decide to run Facebook traffic with ClickBank offers.

Few folk know how to integrate Facebook pixel and ClickBank. My video is over the shoulder.




My Private Clickbank Spreadsheet. All Decent gravity offer that have and don’t have an autoplay video so you can see which ones are FB compliant.

I will also throw in a Clickbank insiders Data PDF.




Facebook Ads Cheat Sheet for the beginner. All terms and topics explained.

This will eradicate any confusion you may have when trying to navigate Facebook.






If you purchase upsell 3, Destiny Masters (which by the way, if you apply the stuff you learn in the front end you’ll make back within days), I will give you access to a new un-released training called Twitter video mastery.

This is not for sale on its own. Twitter video is super underused and there is limited training on it.


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