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Tracking has been the bane of my life for a long time. But as the old expressions goes, you are punching in the dark without it and you cannot scale what you cannot measure.

Not tracking is not an option. But many an intelligent grown adult has fallen by the wayside by not implementing tracking. 

Do not be this person.

You must understand your numbers and then once you do, you will not waste money and only spend when it is making a profit.

This post is not meant to be the definitive guide to tracking.

I do not feel qualified to write such a post.

But it will be a beginners guide followed up with what I believe to be the best, most affordable option for all but the super advanced.

And while this post is named ClickMagick Review, I will provide some basic tracking training as well.


Click Magick Review

My Background with tracking

When I first got started, I knew it was necessary but made up all sorts of excuses to avoid it.

When I finally bit the bullet a few years later and picked up CPV Labs (Not my recommendation anymore), I realized that not only was there almost NO training on it, you needed a degree on quantum physics to figure it out.

It gave me nightmares.

New terminology, code to be copied, long links to be understood and a million checkboxes (one mistake and it’s all pointless). 

EVERY course I ever bought kept saying how important tracking was. But no one ever taught it.

Get your developer to do it. Pay someone to do it..etc But that was no bloody good at the time as I did not have a developer and could not afford to keep paying someone to set this stuff up as I myself was struggling at the time.

So, I battled through and ended up making my own training on it. 

And for the uninitiated, here is a basic tracking introduction.

Tracking 101 Explained

Sub ID tracking is one of the most basic ways to track sales.

If you are promoting affiliate offers, this may be an easy way to solve your tracking problems without additional third party software, at least when you are starting out.

Even if you have tracking software like Clickmagick, you need to know how Sub IDs work, since you’ll be using them in conjunction with your software.

What is a Sub ID?

Nearly all affiliate networks, including ClickBank and most CPA networks let you add text of your choosing to the end affiliate links. This is called a Sub ID.

For example, here’s a typical affiliate link:

To activate the Sub ID, network will give you an extra bit to add to that, something like:


Which gets you:


Now you replace the “SUB-ID-HERE” part with some text that tells you which ad you are tracking, like BANNER1 or YouTube2  or something similar…

For JVzoo you simply add ?tid=SUB-ID-HERE so becomes:

Then when you look at your traffic report, you’ll see how many clicks and/or sales were made, if any

Now, SUBIDs are basic stuff.

It can get much more granular than that.

Especially if you are into CPA or affiliate marketing when you do not own the pages you are sending traffic to and cannot add any code.

For example if you are an affiliate marketer running traffic to an offer, and you make a sale, you need to know exactly how that sale came about.

Was it like this?

  • Keyword entered into google >> Your Article read >> Image link clicked>> Opted in>> Opened email>> Went to sales page>> SALE

And did it happen organically, or was it from a particular ad?

Was the buyer in the US or the UK?

Were they on a MAC with a certain OS, or an Android phone?

The more info you have the better decisions you can make.

With tracking, you can identify if one piece of the chain is broken and then work to fix it.

To make sure your CPA Network and tracker can communicate, you need to grab a pixel from your tracker and place it somewhere in your CPA Network.

An introduction to Pixel tracking

A pixel is the  industry standard for tracking conversions. And this is what you’ll normally use to track your sales and other actions.

A pixel is a small piece of javascript code that you copy and paste onto certain web pages.This is just the page the user sees after completing the action that you want to track.

The code cannot be seen by anyone but in the background it can do many things.

When someone visits your site, clicks on a link etc the pixel ‘fires’. In essence this means it communicates between place A and place B.

If you’re not sure how or where to add this code, most clickmagick will show you.

Tracking Affiliate sales

If you are an affiliate and for whatever reason, are note able to use tracking pixels you’ll probably need to use Postback URLs.

These are provided by most CPA networks.

These can be a bit more confusing at first so if you are able to use pixels, do that.

A Postback URL is a special URL that you get from your tracking platform, which you then enter into your affiliate back-office.

The two below images are examples of this:

ClickMagick Review


This allows the affiliate or CPA network you’re promoting to “talk” to your tracking system, so that your affiliate sales show up in your tracking system automatically.

Copy and paste your Postback URL provided by your tracking platform into the appropriate spot in your CPA network’s back-office.

In order for the affiliate system to communicate or “post back” to your tracking platform, the two systems need a way to identify individual clicks and sales.

This is done by using SUB IDs and we have already talked about them before….

ClickMagick Review video

Try out ClickMagick

ClickMagick is my recommendation for many reasons but the main one is the help and support provided.

  • They have amazing training on their site and explain stuff in layman’s terms so that anyone can grasp it.
  • They are reasonably priced and you can cancel anytime you wish.
  • The Facebook group is active and full of folk who will help you should you get stuck. This is real time support too, so no waiting 48 hours for a response.

They have a choice of pricing plans to meet various requirements but you can start for as little as $12 per month.

For what you learn and get, this is ridiculously cheap.

In fact, not tracking is much more expensive.

Your call.



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