Episode 246 E-com Vantage Review

Last updated on October 16, 2020

E-com Vantage Review

I’m pretty sure most of you have never heard of E-com Vantage. And there are reasons for that. For those who have and have joined, that’s a damn good thing. To them, the less that know about this the better. After all, the quality of the training and the level of support is insane.

After seeing the training inside of E-com Vantage, I wash my hands of ALL other E-commerce training I have reviewed in the past. Nothing comes close to this.

Chris Blair, the guy behind it, is a good friend of mine here in Japan and the level of success his students and he achieve is the main reason.

E-com Vantage is delivered inside a secure member’s area and comes with hours and hours of training from getting started choosing your niche to advanced traffic tactics.

Traffic experts have provided training on:

+ Facebook (this part is by Chris)


+ Twitter

+ Google Adwords

+ YouTube 

+ Instagram

+ Pinterest

And there is an active Facebook group (scroll down below to see some results from Chris’ students).

When going through the course I was impressed by a lot of things, but I love the fact that Chris openly shows his own store, the organic reach it has, and shows up daily with live Q and As for his students.

The Facebook group is amazingly active.

Add to that, Chris has contacts with suppliers ensuring his students get special products that cannot be found elsewhere.

If you are selling products on your e-com store, having the chance to stand out from your rivals is huge.

E-com Vantage Review Video

I hope you enjoyed the review video, now for the actual sales video to get Chris’ take.

E-com Vantage Sales Video


Proof – Check out What Chris’ Students have done:

E-com Vantage Review E-com Vantage E-com Vantage Proof E-com Vantage Bonus


E-com Vantage – The Price

This product and trainng is not cheap, but then the price is negligible if you take action and succeed.

Option 1: $2K one time

Option 2: $850 per month x three payments

Look, we all want value for money. And we want three things for it: high quality, great service and low price. But, you know, I don’t know anyone who can deliver all three at the same time. So what do you not want? Low price, high quality or great service?

Now, some people will happily take anything so long as it’s cheap. When you get people like that, do yourself a big favour: send them to your competitors. Those that value quality, this is for you.

E-com Vantage Guarantee

The eCom Vantage training, mentoring & support program comes with Chris’ personal 100% Rock Solid, 7 day money back guarantee!

If you don’t LOVE the program, for whatever reason, then shoot him a quick email and he’ll immediately refund every cent.

And that wraps up my E-com Vantage review.

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The Recording of a one hour Shopify Q and A webinar Chris help privately for me. In it, Chris answered over 25 questions on ALL aspects of e-commerce. Not available outside of my VMI membership anywhere…

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