Episode 252 – Pro Rank Tracker Review

Pro Rank Tracker Review

When you are a content creator, you need a way of accurately tracking your rankings in Google, Youtube and so on. 

If you check manually, the results will not be accurate. As Google advances, they have added a ton of variables that can affect what a user sees.

  • Search History: A user’s search results page can vary depending on what websites they’ve visited in the past.
  • Geography/Local Results: Google will show different SERPs depending on the current location of an individual and where they are based.
  • Device: Results can vary depending on the device you are using.
  • Social Media: If a user’s friends have share a page for example, Google gives preference to how that page is ranked for the person who shared it.

Using Google Incognito

For people who use Chrome as their browser, you have the option to switch to incognito mode to counteract the above variables for more accurate results.

Any searches made in incognito mode will be accurate and your screen will look similar to the below.

Note: To get there, go to File, then open a ‘New incognito Window’ and then search as normal. You’ll see the incognito logo in the top right of the screen.

Google Chrome is free of course, and fairly accurate. But when you have a lot of videos and/or articles online, it becomes a pain to check them one by one. And you just cannot continue to do this as there are so many more things to be working on.

This is why having an accurate application like Pro Rank Tracker is a massive time-saver.

I use this to check my article and video rankings and find it very user friendly.

What Exactly is Pro Rank Tracker?

Pro Rank Tracker is a web-based application that provides you with the most recent, easy-to-understand SEO ranking data on every website you have.

This data provides you with the knowledge needed when it comes to knowing not only how well your sites are ranking, but which ones need to be focused on more.

Pro Rank Tracker is used globally by individuals, enterprises, agencies, and organizations to help them create and improve effective search engine optimization (SEO).

Pro Rank Tracker Review Video


As you can see from the video above, it is simple to use. There is nothing to install or download and it works on all devices.

I have found that occasionally the rankings fluctuate to what Incognito shows, but no software works perfectly 100% of the time. For me at least, it has been very consistent over the years and is always being upgraded and worked on.

They also have a nice blog with related information that they send out from time to time to educate folk on this topic.

How Much is Pro Rank Tracker?

The image below shows their plans. Most folk will need between Bronze and Silver. Heavy users potentially could need the Gold plan but I doubt anyone really needs more than that.

Pro Rank Tracker Pricing

You can get a free trial of Pro Rank Tracker by clicking the orange button below. Of course, you’ll be super limited with the functions you can use.

If I were you, I’d get the Bronze for a few months and see how it goes. You can always quit if is not for you, or upgrade if you need more functions.


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