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Episode 166 – Mailit Review

Episode 166 – Mailit Review
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Mailit Review – A Real Neutral Review


Mailit Review: You are going to hear a LOT about this product but I predict I will be one of very few (maybe even the only one) to give you a 100% honest review. And after you read and watch the video I am sure you’ll see why.

Let me also say I like and respect Brett and Mike (both the guys behind this). But, due to the nature of this industry, and the amount of sales both of them can generate as affiliates, people will tell you how wonderful this product is without even attempting to be 100% honest. I do not only do product reviews and it is not my main income source (thankfully) so I do not need to kiss anyone’s butt.

My main worry is that people will be misled in the decision making process.

You’ll hear from other marketers that:

+ Email is dead

+ Aweber / Get Response and others suck

+ Open rates are down…

+ How Mailit is getting them more sales…

Plus you will see all sorts of sales screen shots proclaiming to be from Mailit. This post is to give you clarity. I will say NOW I am neither recommending, nor not recommending Mailit. I am just being fair and balanced.

Here is my take related to the above points:

+ Email is not dead by a long shot. It is still the #1 income provider for the vast majority.

+ They work for many top level marketers and while nothing is perfect, they do not suck if used right.

+ Only for the spammers and serial product promoters.

+ Hard to say one way or the other, but those promoting it have huge lists that they have built as product creators. That will not be the case for most people considering buying this.

So with all that out of the way, let’s actually look at Mailit.

What is Mail it?

Mailit is a WordPress Plugin. Simple. It was created by Brett Rutecky who was not happy with Aweber and wanted less down time and better open rates. Brett creates good stuff.

It allows you to send emails from your own domain smoothly and purports to have great open rates. My review copy was smooth for the most part although there was one issue with compatibility. I explain and show more in this Mailit review video.

Mailit Review Video

It’s since been pointed out that allegedly, Optimise Press 2 was the plugin causing the never ending circle.

When I was setting it up, both Brett and Mike were great in support and the process was smooth. Any errors were my fault in the set up phase. But once I saw there was no scheduler, I decided not to pursue something that I myself, would not use. Simply, Mailit lacks features.

For some folk though, the one time fee, the opportunity to own and sell your own product ( see OTO options below) plus the simplicity will be major pluses.

EMAIL Training:

One thing that many people forget is that you can have 100% delivery but still see no results. Brett and Mike have, through hard work, built trust with their subscribers who will take actions based on certain recommendations.

Less accomplished marketers will need actual training on how to write emails, how to ensure email #1 gets read, secrets to getting clicks.

I have a tiny list in comparison but my conversion rates hold up with the best. That is not because of the email provider I use, but the way I write emails and how I interact with people (see bonus video)

Mailit Sales Funnel

FE – Mail It UNLIMITED  : $27 – $37
OTO 1 – Mail it Pro Developer : $47
OTO 2 – UNLIMITED reseller : $97
OTO 3 – Ultimate Marketers bundle : $67


So as you can see, you can grab the product on the front end, and the rest of the funnel consists of having the ability to resell the product which is a plus. Having your own offer is a great way to make money. Nice, simple funnel.

Overall Mailit Review:


It does do what it says on the tin.

There are no monthly fees which is a great advantage.

Smooth set up and good support.


I will be sticking to Aweber. I do not have problems with open rates because I treat my subscribers like real people. Also, I reply to emails, I do not promote a new product every day, and as such, Aweber works.

Top email marketers like Ricco Davis, Ben Settle, Ryan Levesque, Andre Chaperon all use 3rd party auto responders to varying degrees. If they are good enough for the best in the game, then they are good enough for me.

The lack of features is my problem with Mailit. IF, and that is the key word, it had the ability to segment, schedule broadcasts, then I might have been swayed. But right now it does not.

Your call folks!

For those of you who still want it, I will offer bonuses and they are below. Real ones I may add, not PLR rubbish.

Mailit Review


100% conversions3


2. Actual Email creation training from how to research your subscribers BEFORE they opt-in to how to deal with them after.

Email mania



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