Tube Buddy Review

Episode 210 – Tube Buddy Review

Episode 210 – Tube Buddy Review
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Tube Buddy Review

Tube Buddy is a YouTube management Tool kit that many top marketers use. Personally, I’ve been using it for a while now and love many of the features.

From the advanced embedder, the gif creator thumbnail creator and tag suggester, there are so many tools inside the toolbox.

You also get advanced analytics of any video you are playing to see things you could do in order to try and beat that person in the search engines.

There are a ton of cool features in TubeBuddy that I think you’ll like. Here’s just a few of them:

  • iCard Templates
  • Advanced video Embeds
  • Welcome messages for your new subscribers
  • Annotation Templates
  • Thumbnail Generator
  • caption service
  • Advanced video Embeds
  • Comment filters
  • Playlist actions
  • Featured video promotion
  • What else can we do? Well, too many things for me to type out here (which is why I made my review video below)

Tube Buddy Review Video


As you can see from the video, there are 3 pricing options. For now, go with the middle level. The cheaper ne does not unlock enough features while the most expensive one is probably not necessary for most folk.

Try it out for a few months and actually use it. If you do, you need to actually use it of course and not let it sit there. I’m positive that those who do, will get a lot from it.

NOTE: Tube Buddy is YouTube certified which means it will always work and not be left to rot like other softwares. Also, it will not get you into any trouble with YouTube as they work WITH YouTube.

Tube Buddy Bonus Perks

So go ahead and sign up for TubeBuddy!

Tube Buddy Review



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