Wave.Video Review

Episode 250 – Wave.Video Review

Wave.Video Review

Despite the unusual name, wave.video is a video maker designed for people who market on Social Media, particularly videos on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. And let’s face it, that is almost everyone.

The biggest selling point is that it can take one video and instantly re-size it to approximately 30+ formats. So this way, your videos are perfect for the right platform and the right user device. And yes, this is important.

They also have 200 million ( yes million) stock video clips or if you prefer, you can import your own assets.

You have the ability to edit the videos and see how they look in all these different formats.

Despite the pricing (more on that below), this is probably the best video creation tool for video ads on social media I have ever seen. In fact, this is something I would like to have created myself.

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How Does Wave.Video Work?

In short, you either choose a stock video or upload your own. 

  • Use their editor to add text if you wish.
  • Combine a bunch of clips if you want to do that.
  • Add music. They have over 300,000 royalty free tracks
  • Customize it with branding or your watermark/logo.
  • Download the video in the format of your choice

Wave.Video Review Video


There are 3 price points, the most popular being the middle at $49 per month but you can grab the free trial below to see if you like it.


  • Super slick and easy to use
  • Allows the importing of your own content
  • Has royalty free music and tons of stock videos
  • Ability to re-size the file for the right advertising platform thus making use of all the real estate.
  • Web-based. Therefore, nothing to download or install and works on all devices.


  • The Price is the only real con. You kind of need to buy an annual package to make it doable which can be off putting to some.

Wave.Video Review

Go to the below link, hit sign up for free and wait for the 10% discount pop up to appear


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NOTE: This has nothing to do with video wave by John Gibb/Mo Miah. I do not and will not advocate that. This is 100% different.

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