How to Get Free Traffic From Quora

How to get Free Traffic from Quora

In this post, I am going to show you a couple of ways that you can get free traffic from Quora and direct that traffic either to your videos or to your website or to your landing pages.

And the key word there is quality traffic.

Because whenever anybody goes to Quora, basically they’re looking for answers.

They type in questions and they look for answers.

And Quora is a very authoritative website and it can often rank at the top of Google.

Whereas if you try to rank for those particular keywords yourself on your own website or using your own videos, it could be tough.

So let’s look at a couple of ways on how we can do this.

And we’re going to need to think a little bit outside of the box.

First though, a quick guide on how to sign up if you have never done so.

Go to:

From that screen, click “Sign Up With Email.”

Then follow the simple on screen instructions.

How to get Free Traffic from Quora video


The Ahrefs Method

Ahrefs is a third party SEO tool.

The cheapest plan they have is $99 Per month BUT you can get a $7 trial for a week, go crazy and then cancel if you want.

Log in and go to the site explorer and type ‘’.

You’ll be given all the information about the Quora domain.

And it’s going to be a much stronger domain than any of my websites or niche sites.

Then go to organic keywords and click on this once and it’s going to tell you a lot of different keywords.

But you really want to find keywords in your niche.

So where it says include, go there and just type in words related to your niche.

For this post, I’ll chose ‘Keto’ just to illustrate.

Ahrefs now shows us all the KW related to KETO that Quora ranks on page one for:

The next step is to simply look for these results on Google and then click on them.

If you feel you can give a better answer than the ones already there, then write and publish it.

Now the goal of that would be to get your answer over time, pushed to the top.

People are going to come to this question and over time they’re going to look at the answers.

If they like your answer, because it’s more detailed and it’s got more value, they can upvote it.

They might share it, may leave  a comment and that will help you rank inside of Quora.

The Traffic Part?

Now of course, just doing that is great.

It positions you as an authority in your niche, but does it really get you any traffic?

Well, no it doesn’t.

So what you need to do strategically is to place links back to your content.

Now that can be to a YouTube video.

It can be to a website.

It can be to a landing page, but you’ve got to be careful.

If you write an answer and then send straight to an affiliate link, it’s going to get flagged.

What you want to do if you’re an affiliate marketer, is you want to write a very good answer and then you’ll want to have a call to action.

So something like:

I’ve written a great article about this, and there are a few things on that article that I’ve not mentioned here, that I think you should check out. Go and read it here.


Quora is designed to offer value to people that are looking for answers.

So you need to approach it with that same mindset.

And if you can offer value to your target market and strategically link out to your website, to your YouTube videos, then you can piggyback off of the fact that Quora is ranking number one or on page one of Google and get a ton of traffic that way.

It’s a great way to build a business.

Because it’s really quality traffic.

People are already interested because they’re typing this stuff in.

But I do get not everyone wants to fork out $99 per month for Ahrefs if they do not have to.

So, I got my own tool made up although it’s not nearly as advanced as Ahrefs.

How to Get Free Traffic From Quora

AnswerThem Software

I got my own Quora/Reddit software created called Answer Them.

It’s a web based software, there’s nothing to download nothing to install.

AnswerThem Allows you to scour the aforementioned platforms for questions in your niche.

You can then decide if you want to answer them or not.

Or, if you want, you can download a CSV file of the questions for later use.

I find it really saves me time; especially if I use the filters.

I can even find questions posted within the past 24 hours if I am lucky and be the first to answer.

I have been using this tool a fair bit this past month to get some free traffic from Quora to my websites and videos.

If you would like to read my guide on how to get free traffic with Quora, then simply click the orange button below:


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