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Last updated on October 16, 2020

Infinitunes Review

When it comes to video creation, we are spoilt for choice with with paid tools, or free tools.

But how about audio?

I mean, imagine your favourite film without music?

We kind of forget the impact background tunes can have yet there are not that many choices available to us.

And may of the things that are around use the same generic music.

Introducing Infinitunes by Brad Stephens

Click here to hear some samples

Infinitunes Review

Infinitues is an AI platform that allows you to create 100% unique top sounding music tracks for your videos with full usage rights.

Why is this big?

Because when you use tracks that you buy or seemingly have the rights too, you get hit with copyright strikes, video take downs, limitations… or can even end up getting sued.

With Infinitunes, not only do you create the tracks but you can sell them, charge whatever you like, and never pay us a cent in royalty or licensing fees.

All this on a track that was created for FREE.

Let’s look inside at how this all works.

Infinitunes Review Video



As you can see, it was easy to use.

The best thing is each track is unique.

You can add much perceived value to your videos by adding these tracks

On the flip side, you CANNOT download the audios as only audio files.

They must be attached to a video which was, at first a HUGE downside as I’d want the se audios stand alone to use on many projects.

Luckily, I found a FREE workaround to this and it’s in my bonus

Anyhow, the below image highlights some of the features of Infinitunes.

Infinitunes Funnel


From here let’s take a look at the upgrades you’ll be presented.



Choose between a personal license or a commercial license.

Generate a 100% unique, personalized audio track for their videos any other media) by simply selecting a genre, activity and mood.

They sound just like those premium music tracks you usually spend hundreds of dollars on.

Important to note this isn’t an audio library platform.

Each track is instantly generated on your personalization settings) to be 100% unique.

Personal License – $37
Commercial License – $47
Generate 100 Tracks Per Month
Generate & Sell Tracks to Clients (Agency Rights)
Built-In ‘Add to Video’ Editor
Built-In ‘Add to Video’ Editor
Save & Download 10 Tracks Merged /w Videos
Generate 500 Tracks Per Month (Equal to 25 Hours of Audio)
5 Genres
Save & Download 100 Tracks Merged /w Videos
5 Activities
10 Genres
5 Moods
10 Activities
3 Duration Customizations
10 Moods
Unlimited Licensing Rights (Use Anywhere)
3 Duration Customizations
100% Unique & Copyright-Free Music Tracks
Unlimited Licensing Rights (Use Anywhere)
100% Unique & Copyright-Free Music Tracks


Infinitunes Pro License – $67
Generate Unlimited Tracks (before you save and download – not unlimited downloads)
Unlock 68 NEW Music Categories
Generate Tracks with Any Duration (Custom Track Duration)
FREE Access to Future New Genres, Activities and Moods (No Monthly Fees)
Front of Queue Rendering (VIP Rendering – No Waiting Times)


Agency Lite – $97
Agency Unlimited – $197 
Create & Sell Tracks to Clients
Create & Sell Tracks to Clients
Unlimited Generated Tracks (Unlimited Minutes)
Unlimited Generated Tracks (Unlimited Minutes)
Save & Download 1,000 Tracks /w Videos
Unlimited Downloads (HUGE)
Unlimited Licensing & Distribution
Unlimited Licensing & Distribution
Grow Fast with Clients & Team Dashboard
Grow Fast with Clients & Team Dashboard
BONUS: How to Get Clients Training
BONUS: DFY Agency Website
BONUS: Client Email Templates

OTO3 – Synthesys (Special Offer) – $67

Access to Synthesys Commercial!

Combine great human voice text-to-speech technology with audio tracks created inside of Infinitunes.

OTO4 – Resellers Package


As you can see, this product has some plus points and negatives.


  • Allows you to generate revenue
  • No copyright issues
  • Never pay for another audio track again
  • Use for all your videos


  • You cannot download just an audio file. BUT, I found. workaround. It’s my added Bonus
  • Credit system

Overall though, this is pretty unique and for video creators, or  people looking for a side hustle, this is well worth the investment.

If you have any questions or concerns about this review, please leave them below.

Regarding bonuses, please:

  1. Clear cookies before hitting the orange button
  2. Ensure my name [Adam Payne] is on the checkout page


Video Dashboard

Infinitunes Bonus

Along with the below you get my workaround to getting the audio file. It’s super simple.

Infinitunes Review


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