YouTube Ads Kickstart Review – A Course for Beginners

Last updated on December 20, 2020

YouTube Ads Kickstart review

Have you ever watched a YouTube video?

I’m guessing the answer is yes.

Have you ever uploaded a video to YouTube?

Probably most folk will say yes.

Have you ever run a YouTube ad?

Way less people will say yes to this.

This post is to tell you about my new course that hopes to put a change to that.

It’s called YouTube Ads Kickstart; a course which teaches beginners everything you need to know about YouTube in stream ads.

Now, in my personal opinion, while there are courses out there that teach in YouTube in stream ads, they’re either way too expensive and super advanced or they don’t have the beginner in mind.

They assume so much, or they’re super basic and don’t give you enough information.

They just jump straight into the Google ads interface without teaching you why these ads work, all the research you need to do to go ahead and get them set up.

So that’s the basis as to why I made my own training.

YouTube Ads Kickstart

YouTube Ads Kickstart

The advertiser doesn’t pay a penny if someone skips these ads.

As an advertiser, you only pay when somebody watches 30 seconds or more of your ad or the entire video, whichever comes first.

So if you create a 15 second video ad, then of course that will come before 30 seconds.

or you’ll pay if somebody clicks through to your website, which of course is the goal.

So it’s kind of, risk-free advertising if done right.

Because if people think, “No I don’t like your ad, it’s not targeted, not interested,” they skip it before 30 seconds, you don’t pay a penny anyway.

And if you can keep their attention for more than that, you’ve done a good job.

Technical to set up?

Now these are not technical in any way, shape, or form.

You don’t need to be on camera to create a Hollywood level production video.

That is another myth that people have.

All you need is a Google ads account and a Youtube channel (to host the video creative).

What is inside the course?

YouTube Instream Ads for Beginners

If you’ve never even set up a channel before, I’ve got a couple of videos in there, just to show you the very basics of getting your channel.

Then we go through a YouTube in stream ads, we learn what they are and how they work.

And this is really important because one of the reasons that people fail is they put a good ad, but they put it on the wrong video or they target the wrong person.

So therefore you don’t get the results that you want.

We have a planning stage: one and two.

We’ve got setting up your tracking with Google tag manager so that you know your numbers.

If you don’t know your numbers, you’re punching in the dark.

We then go through the production stage, which is about the creative, the video itself, the perfecting stage, which means setting up your ad, all over the shoulder, a real ad.

At the production stage, I’ll give you some examples of ads and I’ll give you some examples of ads where people aren’t on camera.

So you don’t have to get on camera and hire people. It’s not tricky to do. You got to put a little bit of work in of course, but it’s not hard and you can outsource everything.

And then we go through structuring a campaign properly, setting up a campaign, and optimizing it as well because not every campaign that you ever do is going to be a home run.

This is $27-37 during launch.

The Black Book Upgrade

One spy tool that I was researching when I was making my own software charged 999 bucks a month to spy on their YouTube in stream ads.

YouTube Ads Kickstart

It’s really expensive to Spy on YouTube in-stream ads.

So I’ve put together a black book of ads that I’ve spied on and basically got a load of information.

I give you the actual ad, which you wouldn’t find manually.

I’ll give you the landing page.

I’ll give you the ad spend along the views that ad is driven.

And I also give my own little synopsis of it as well.

You can use the funnels to something akin to funnel hacking, but it’s ad hacking.

This is $47 during launch.

Final Upgrade

I’ve given three bonus trainings that were only available to members of my video marketing inside a membership site; about four hours worth of training.

And I’ve got some other secret hidden stuff, which I’m not going to mention here

So if you want to learn how to run YouTube and stream ads and you are a beginner, you’ve never done them before, you’ve dabbled with no success then I highly recommend that you check out this course. 

This is $67 during launch.

YouTube Ads Kickstart Video



Module 1: Welcome & Introduction

  •  A quick intro of what we’re going to cover in the course.

Module 2: YouTube In Stream Ads

  • Points to Be Aware Of
  • A Roadmap to Success
  • Google Ads Terms Of Service

Module 3: The Planning Stage

  • Audience Research: If you have no list
  • Audience Research – Psychographics
  • Audience Research – Competition on Alexa
  • Researching Other Videos

Module 4:  Tracking 

  • How to set up Tag Manager for the First time.
  • How to Link your Google Ads With YouTube Account  
  • How to set up Lists for YouTube  
  • ​How to set up Remarketing List for website  
  • ​How to Create, Add, Verify Conversion Codes
  • ​Conversion Linker  
  • ​Don’t want to use Tag Manager – There’s another way

Module 5: The Production Stage 

  • The Video – Script(s)  
  • Examples of Great Ads  
  • ​Shooting the Video tips for beginners  
  • ​Outsourcing  
  • ​Landing Page Mastery
  • ​Mobile Responsiveness

Module 6: Targeting & Ads Interface

  • Audiences to try first for brand new accounts
  • ​Quickstart Set up Guide [2 ways]
  • How to do Proper Placement Research
  • How to do Proper Keyword Research  
  • ​Audience targeting

Module 7: The Perfecting Stage

  • How To Structure Campaigns
  • ​No Goal CPV Method
  • ​Website Traffic Maximize Conversions Method
  • ​Optimizing Your Columns
  • ​Troubleshooting 


  • YouTube Ads growth With Vidnetics
  • ​Keyword Research Mastery Guide
  • ​How to set up a YouTube Channel [2 videos]

As you can see there is till a lot of info.

Deciding what to include and what not to was hard.

But I hope you like it.


This is a paid ads course so you will need a budget.

$5 to $15 will suffice for a beginner.

So long as you have the right mindset, are willing to consume the course, take action and make decisions based off the data you get back, you’l be able  to do well.

If you are looking for a hack or push button stuff, good luck.

This is not for you in that case.

But if you want to learn the basics of a traffic source that is very profitable, then click below to get started.


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4 thoughts on “YouTube Ads Kickstart Review – A Course for Beginners”

  1. Hi Adam,
    Thank you for your great offer, it will help me on my YT journey I’m sure.
    As a VMI member I will respond to your email to request the code for the OTO 1.

    Seasons Greetings and wishing you a Happy Christmas with your family.

    • Hi Mike,

      Many thanks and I have sent it to your email address.

      I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and new year too.



  2. Hi Adam, I have been on your list for a few years now and purchased some of your courses in the past and have been very happy with your quality and thoroughness in the training modules. I have a quick question about in stream ads on you tube. Do you have a quick method or a foolproof way (software) within the youtube ads kickstart to show us which ads are in stream (monetized) or do we have to manually check ourselves to determine that? During your review i do not recall you saying how we determine whether an ad is monetized or not. Thank you Adam.

    • Hi Jim. Thanks for the message and glad you have liked my past courses. So basically, channels or videos are monetized, not ads. If a channel of video is monetized, then we can place an ad on it. I have a software that does this called Vidnetics but that is not part of this course. A manual check can be done inside Google ads, it just naturally takes more time than a software.



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