Solo Ads – The Worst Traffic source

If you are looking at solo ads as a way of building your email list, then this post and accompanying video might make you think again.

We are gong to cover solo ads and why I believe they are a waste of your money.

I’d even go as far as to say they are one of the worst investments you can make with your online business.

The only person that succeeds longterm with them is the person who actually sells solo ads.

Now, you may disagree.

You may have had a great experience or experiences in the past.

And if so, that’s totally cool, fair play, and just let me know in the comments below.

I’m only talking from personal experience and it’s just my opinion.

So, that being said, let’s talk about solo ads.

Solo Ads

As you know, when you’re trying to make money online, it’s imperative that you are consistent in trying to build a list, a list of people who subscribe to you.

And then you can follow up with emails either selling or recommending your own products and services, or maybe recommending products as an affiliate.

And if you do this the right way, you can make a lot of money consistently.

But the trouble is, if you go down the solo ad route to build your list, it’s really difficult to do this consistently without always investing more money in solo ads.

What Actually Are Solo Ads?

In simple terms, solo ads are when you pay a person with a list to email out you link.

That person will guarantee a specific number of clicks on your link

No guarantees are made about how many leads you will get.

Many of these solo ad vendors use website like Udimi to sell their clicks.

The image above is a snapshot of Udimi.

I have not actually used the vendors in the image.

But If I wanted to, I would simply order a number of clicks and send my link and email copy to them and they would schedule it to go out to a portion of my list.

The trouble is, solo ad sellers are consistently adding to the lists all the time, and they’re selling solo ads to a bunch of people every day.

And they’re also buying solo ads themselves so that people can opt into their list.

It’s a big kind of circle jerk, basically.

The people that are receiving these emails in their inbox, they’re getting emails left, right, and center from all these people.

And they’re just kind of like, “Oh, what’s that?” click on it, “Oh, free gift? Opt-in,” And they pretty much don’t do anything, for the most part.

Now, you don’t have any comeback, because if you complain to the solo ad seller, you could say:

“Well, I bought 100 clicks. You gave me 110 clicks. But only 30% opted in,” or “I got a 50% opt-in rate but nobody bought my offer.”

They’re going to blame you and say, “Well, that’s because your offer is bad and it’s your fault,” basically.

And to an extent, I understand why they say that, because they can’t control what people do.

But at the end of the day, it’s because the traffic source is generally rubbish.

Dodgy Solo Ad Mastermind 

I was once part of a solo ad mastermind when I was naive and was actually considering becoming a solo ad vendor.

I paid $2,000 to a very well-known solo ad seller, and this was basically this person’s training:

Buy some PLR for $5, $10, rebrand it, pretend it’s your own, and then buy a bunch of solo ads from everybody else in the training, and offer your PLR as the lead magnet.

Then put fake reviews on Facebook to say how great the solo ads are.

That was it.

Zero concern for the quality or what was on offer to the poor people clicking and buying.

So, everybody’s basically circle-jerking each other.

People that come to these Facebook groups or these communities who don’t know anything.

They’re seeing all these positive reviews thinking, “Oh, that’s great.”

Little do they know that everybody else is selling solo ads to each other and making a lot of these reviews.

So, they buy a solo ad, and they pay $100, $200, they get X amount of clicks, and they do build their list.

You do get people onto your list.

But these people that are on your list, they’re the worst kind of traffic.

We’ve got a saying England.

It’s called the “village bike” as everybody’s had a ride.

And it’s like these people that are on these lists.

They’ve been here, they’ve been there, they’ve been on this list, they’re on that list, they’re on this list.

They’re on 100 lists so that their email inbox is chockablock with emails.

And they don’t buy anything or do anything, for the most part.


Can you get Lucky?

Now, you might get lucky and you might make a few sales by putting something on your thank you page and breaking even on the solo ad.

And if you do, that’s all great, that’s fantastic.

But the trouble is, to build a relationship with all these new people that have come on your list, you’re really, really up against it because these new people are also on 5,000 other lists.

They’re also getting emails consistently from other people every single day.

And they don’t know you yet, so it’s really difficult to build that relationship because your email is getting lost in the sea of everybody else’s.

It’s much, much better to take this a lot more seriously, in my opinion.

Better Choices

Now, on the other side, if you focus on different kinds of traffic sources, whether these are paid ads like Facebook ads or YouTube ads, you can really hone in on the targeting.

Or better yet, if you focus on organic results with Google or with video, you become the hunted.

If somebody comes to YouTube and types in “how to learn Korean,” and your video is in the top three or four spot saying, “Oh, if you want to learn how to speak Korean, watch my video,” and then you teach them a few phrases, they’re already interested.

They found you.

They’ve hunted you down.

And then if you’ve got a little gift in the description of your video which is related to learning Korean, then they’re going to opt in off their own back.

Then they’re more likely to respond to you, and you can build a relationship with that person, and you can email them back and forth and get them in your Facebook Group and buy your course about Korean or in your Facebook group…etc

But if you’re just spending all this money on solo ads, you have a massive list because you bought it, but the amount of money you can make is not going to be that great, in my opinion, unless you then decide to sell solo ads to other people.

On the flip side, if you’re a solo ad seller, then of course you’re laughing all the way to the bank.

It’s like if you go to a casino, at the end of the day, you can win money in a casino.

But most of the times, 99% of the time, the bank wins.

And it’s the same with solo ads.


I’ve been inside the industry.

I know, for the most part, it’s shady.

It does work to build a list.

However, is that list a list worth having?

In my opinion, no.

And I just think there is a better, longer-term way to build an online business.

But the trouble is people lack patience, people don’t put in the effort, they’re not self-disciplined.

What’s your take?

Let me know your thoughts below.

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