How to Find Trending Videos in Your Niche

How to Find Trending Videos

In this short post and video, I’m going to show you how you can find trending videos in your niche and then potentially piggyback off of these trending videos to get more traffic to your own video.

I will be using one of the softwares from the Video marketing Insider suite.

Let’s get to it.


VidTrendz is a web-based software which means it works on a Mac or a PC.

Nothing to download nor install.

The reason I got this software created is because I wanted a quick and easy way to find out which videos were trending right now.

I wanted to see what videos were getting large amounts of traffic related to the keywords that I was interested in.

And then using a few strategies and techniques that I know, piggyback off of that traffic and get some decent traffic to my own videos.

I’ve also provided Video Marketing Insider members this tool for free as well.

How to Find Trending Videos in Your Niche

After logging in, simply enter a keyword.

It can be anything you want related to your niche.

Now, you don’t want to go to long tail.

You just want to type in something broad.

It could be:

  • belly fat
  • back pain
  • dog training
  • yoga
  • whatever you want.

I’m going to type in keto.

We can search for either 10 or 20 videos, but we’ll leave it at 10.

VidTrendz Filters

Now, by default, the language is English, but you can switch the language.

The way it’s set up above is it’s going to look for videos that are getting 10,000 views or more in the past 25 days.

But we could go a little bit harder than that.

We could go for 10 days, and we could go for 15,000 views.

Now, to me, if a video is getting 15,000 views within the past 10 days, it’s doing really well.

And it’s something that we could potentially piggyback off of.

Now, of course, if you go too narrow … if your keywords are too long and you want 100,000 views in one day, probably not going to find anything.

Anyway, next is you click on search, and if there are any videos on YouTube that match the filter that we’ve set, this software will pull them.

The Results

As you can see,  we’ve got a bunch of videos.

How to find trending Videos


What we can do is click on view more, and we can get the information about that video, and we can use this to craft our own video.

Now we can’t copy stuff, of course.

But we could watch the video so we can get an idea of the kind of topics that are discussed, how it’s delivered.

trending videos

We can also look at the tags.

Now, there’s nothing stopping us using the same tags.

We can use the same tags or we can use some of them.

We can see the category that is used.

The duration.

And we can check the description too for how things are organized.

Now, of course, we can’t copy.

But we can use this for inspiration.

You should always be looking at videos that are doing a great job, and see how you can take elements of them and put them into your own videos.

Now, one way that we can get our videos in here is by connecting our video to trending ones, which is one of the methods that I teach inside of Video Marketing Insider.

Now, granted, what a lot of people see in the right hand column is also based off of their search experience. 

But you can appear as the next video too if you know what you are doing.

Find Trending Videos in Your Niche Tutorial


Just by using this simple little tool called VidTrendz, it enables me to see what is trending right now in topics that I’m interested in, and it gives me a lot of information when I’m thinking of crafting my own videos.

Even if you don’t want to get into the right hand search, you just want to think of ideas.

This is a great way for thinking of ideas and topics for your own channel.

Because you’ve seen the stuff that’s trending.

You’ve seen the stuff that’s getting a lot of views, and you can start creating videos about similar topics.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section and share this post if you liked it.

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