Embedinate: How to Embed YouTube Videos Across multiple Platforms

Last updated on January 18, 2021

How to Embed YouTube Videos

Embedinate is a powerful platform for getting videos exposure immediately while saving time.

It is one of my softwares from the video marketing insider suite, and the only one that I currently sell as a standalone offer.

Since I had it made almost 2 years ago, it has been completely revamped from the bottom up and continues to be supported by the developers and myself.

I had it made for two reasons.

  • One is to save time
  • The other to increase traffic/exposure to my videos

As you might know one of the reasons videos can rank on Google is through embedding them on places that have authority that are niche related.

This adds a relevant authority link and also helps drive traffic.

Embedding videos is not hard technically; you simply copy and paste an embed code.

Other times, you simply click a few buttons.

But if you want to share your videos on multiple places along with a short description and a link back to the source, it can take up time.

You need to manually log in and out of multiple sites and configure your post each time.

So, that is where Embedinate comes in.

It’s a web-based tool [works on all devices] that is super easy to use.

This post will show you how to embed YouTube videos with it.

This is the interface after you log in.

How to Embed Videos

How to Embed YouTube Videos

The process of using Embedinate is simple:

  • Connect your accounts in 1-2 clicks
  • Share your video
  • Download your links

That is really it.

I have a video a little down this page walking you through the process.

Right now, these are the sites we connect with for the embedding part:


We connect to each platform through API to ensure all community standards are met.

More sites are planned so long as they provide an API so that everything is above board.

As you can see here, each video you share can be re-visited and you can check all your links work.

Embed Your Videos

Embedinate Walkthrough


I hope that video highlighted how quick and easy it is to use.

And the fact you can add hyperlinks to descriptions, download your links if you want to ping them and embed to multiple places at once adds to its power.

Embedinate Levels

You have two options on the sales page.

The Front end is either $1 for 7 days then $9.97 per month.

Or $37 one time which makes sense long term.

It makes more sense in my opinion to get the gold license as this is a one time payment and allows you to connect more accounts.

This is all highlighted in detail on the sales page.

Embedinate Pro

The only upgrade is pro at $57 which includes the options to:

  • Share your images to image sharing sites
  • Get tier 2 links to the first set of links you created
  • Direct Social ADR integration from within your account

Note: There is an order bump on the front end checkout which is a full YouTube keyword course taken from one section of Video Marketing Insider.

You get 10 videos, PDF guides and additional secret materials.

That is $19.97 and well worth it.


I made this for myself first and foremost and use it on every video I make.

I support it and it works.

It is not a miracle worker though.

It will not magically put a video on the front page of google.

You still need to choose your keywords wisely, optimize the videos and ensure your content is good.

But over time, this’ll help your channel authority and save you a bunch of time.

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to Embedinate.

And that you see how to embed YouTube videos with it.

You can get Embedinate below and then will be presented with an option to upgrade to pro or not.

Post purchase, you should get your logins sent to you via email.

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2 thoughts on “Embedinate: How to Embed YouTube Videos Across multiple Platforms”

  1. hI Adam
    when you say 10 accounts, that means that if i have up to 10 yt channels, i can use embedinate for all 10?

    • Hi Doug,

      You do not connect the YTube channel so it does not matter how many channels you have.

      What I meant was, you can connect 10 Hatenas, 10 LinkedIns, 10 Tumblrs etc should you need to.

      Most will need to connect that many but you might have 2-3 simple WordPress sites and 2 Tumblrs
      and 3 Plurks etc that you want to use.



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