Vidtasia Review

Episode 235 – Vidtasia Review

5.0 01 Vidtasia Review Launch on February 27 @11AM EST Today I am looking at a product called Vidtasia by Cham Altatis. Cham is a pro when it comes to video creation and editing and has several trainings on that very topic. This one, called Vidtasia is a training for Camtasia users. if you do…

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Evolution Review

Episode 234 – Evolution Review

4.6 05 Evolution Review Gonna keep this one short and sweet. Yesterday I actually BOUGHT this product. I had low expectations but damn was I wrong. This is a truly great training. It’s different, well taught, easy for anyone and just…well…GOOD! Jaykay Dowdall ( whom I had never heard of till yesterday) made it. He’s…

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Episode 233 – Mass optimizer review

5.0 02 Mass optimizer review Launching: 28th February  10:00 EST   for 7 days ( After which it raise to $97 and $67 annual recurring ) In this post, I am going to do something I have only done once. I’m going to tell you about a product that I will not review. It is called Mass Optimizer. It’s…

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Click Profits Video Review

Episode 232 – Click Profits Video Review

5.0 02 Click Profits Video Review February 19 – 23 @10:00 AM EST One of the hardest things in video marketing is actually creating decent quality videos. No need to do Hollywood level productions, but you need to make some effort. So many are focused on rankings, which to be fair are very important, but rankings…

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Interactr Review

Episode 231 – Interactr 2 Review

5.0 01 Interactr 2 Review Launching Tuesday February 13th @ 11AM EST Interactr 2 Review: It has been a long time since I found anything worthwhile recommending in the IM world. Too many gimmicks or too much same old same old by the same old folk. But today I’m reviewing a video product by a…

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Video Ads software

Video Ads Software – Video Marketing Insider

5.0 01 Video Ads Software – Video Marketing Insider Video Ads Software: You probably know how powerful paid ads are. YouTube ads, along with Facebook Ads are super powerful because you can use Youtube Ads to: + Get more views to your videos + Get better rankings + Launchjack + Build a List + Make…

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Tweet List Builder Review

Tweet List Builder Review – Video Marketing insider

5.0 02 Tweet List Builder Review Twitter Video ads are very underused. That is primarily due to a lack of training on them and the fact that YouTube & Facebook are the kings. But there is still a lot of targeted traffic to be had on Twitter, both organically and through paid ads. This software,…

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VMI Script

Review of THE VMI Script for Click to Call

3.6 08  Review of THE VMI Script for Click to Call One a part of my new and super sexy Video Marketing Insider is access to a script. This script can be placed on as many WordPress sites as ya like. And it turns a link into something more powerful. It can act as a…

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Video Marketing Insider Review

Episode 230 – Video Marketing Insider Review

4.5 79 Video Marketing Insider Review NOTE: I will be giving away ONE ticket to Japan for a buyer of Video Marketing Insider. I will post details of this in the community once we go live. Video marketing has changed my life. Am I the best at it? No. The most well-known? No. But it’s…

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Video Sorcery Review

Episode 229 – Video Sorcery Review

5.0 03 Video Sorcery Review Goes Live Dec 18th at 10PM EST (Yes PM) YouTube removed the option for adding “Links with YouTube cards” and “associated Links in End screens” for all channels whether you had previously set this up or not in mid-late 2017 for certain channels. Basically, channels that did not have a…

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