How to Build Interactive Checklists with Kuicklist

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the saying that the money is in the list.

Heck, It’s been regurgitated so much that it’s almost like an echo.

It’s not 100% accurate though. 

The money is in the relationship you have with your list and turning that from a list to an audience.

This is what I have been shouting for years and so few take the time to build a relationship.

And my new Conversion Point training covers all this. 

More on that another time.

That said, you do first need to be known by someone and the first step is often that a person becomes a subscriber.

To ensure this, we offer a lead magnet.

Something in exchange for an email address.

Often times, it can be tricky trying to create a magnet that is decent.

It should be something easy to consume that helps the person along in their journey.

It must also be congruent.

This process is fully explained here.



This is a new product that helps you build interactive checklists that can be used as lead magnets.

It looked slick and easy to use but after I got review access, I still had a few questions.

I did have several questions that I wanted clarifying so I reached out to them.

Karl and Fraz were both vey quick and helpful in responding which is how it should be of course, but in this industry not always the case.

Kuicklist Review

One of the best kinds of lead magnets I have made are checklists.

Kuicklist combines the power of interactive checklist with lead magnet technology.

It is simple to use so there’s no huge learning curve for those who aren’t as technically savvy, but want to start building their own profitable and responsive lists too.

Personally, it is the checklist creation not the rest that appeals to me so let’s look at how it works in the video below.

Kuicklist Tutorial Video

Kuicklist Features

Inside the main product, there are 10 checklist templates you can edit.

The above video shows you how easy this is.

You can use these options to host the pages:

  • Kuicklist link
  • WordPress plugin
  • Download the HTML and store  in the cloud
  • Embed on your website

Kuicklist has many integrations when it comes to autoresponders, webinar systems and tracking.

So, if you  want to use their opt0in pages you can and track everything inside though personally, I would use my own page building tool and then use the HTML, plugin or embed option.

The Funnel

Like all products, there is a sales funnel but this one only has 2 optional upgrades which are shown below.



FE Bonuses On the sales page: 

    1. FREE non-public 30-day trial of SegMate 
    2. ListCollection: A drop-in app that allows you to create a collection of all checklists and sell it. 
    3. Mini-Course on List building
    4. 10 Done For You Template Pack
    5. Bonus 4-Part Webinar series on using the app and getting more leads

Kuicklist PRO Power-Pack
OTO1 $99 or 2-pay $57
– Unlimited VA Sub-Users 

– Remove Kuicklist Branding
– Unlimited Sections
– Webhooks (Works great with Zpaier or Integromat or other 3rd parties)
– Public Checklists (Not requiring opt-in. Great for memberships and blogs)
Great for reselling these as a service for profits.

Kuicklist PRO Light (Only difference is no Sub-Users)
DS $67
– Removes Branding
– Unlimited Sections
– Webhooks (Works great with Zpaier or Integromat or other 3rd parties)
– Public Checklists (Not requiring opt-in. Great for memberships and blogs)
Great for reselling these as a service for profits.

Kuicklist Template Club

OTO2 $19.97mo or annual for $99
25 Done for You niches checklist and then every month, 5-10 new ones.

Get the 25 Templates with no monthly expense:
DS2  $67
Comes with the same 25-D4U Checklist that you can get started within the template club


I am actually going to buy a copy for myself as I see the huge value in this; especially from a time saving perspective.

I use checklists a lot for video marketing insider, my own list building and will use them for a new project I am currently working on.

I will get the front end and upgrade 1 as I need to have control over the branding but for many folk, that is probably not a big deal. 

So in short, here is a quick summary.


  • The checklists are super easy to create
  • They look slick
  • You can download them (HTML) or use a WordPress plugin
  • Mini traffic course included


  • You need to get Upgrade 1 to remove their branding 

If you have any questions or concerns about this Kuicklist V2 review, please leave them below.

Regarding bonuses, please:

  1. Clear cookies before hitting the orange button
  2. Ensure my name [Adam Payne] is on the checkout page

Bonus Package For All Buyers

A full over the shoulder Video Tutorial on how to use these checklists to build a list with FB video ads to get results like: 


Bonus For upgrade Buyers

Mini Course – Google Tag Manager Set up for Google/YouTube Tracking

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