Episode 331 – The Hive Review

Last updated on October 16, 2020

The Hive Review

Email marketing is super powerful if you have an engaged and responsive list.

Getting such a list is dependent on many things

  1. The original traffic source
  2. How you communicate with them
  3. What your promote to them

Among other things….

The Hive, anew training by JayKay Dowdall, focuses more on point two of the above and its that product we will look at here.

The Hive Review

JayKay is a great marketer behind many top level products.

He is someone I like and respect in this industry dominated by shady people.

That said, I was not sure about this one, as it is about a topic I know well and teach myself in The Conversion Point (now only for sale as an upgrade to this).

I still have yet to see anyone who gets consistently higher conversions than me in IM (yes that sounds egotistical I know, but it is what it is).


In the Hive, JayKay breaks down 24 emails from 8 very famous marketers.

I am subscribed to JayKay’s and several of the people in The Hive’s emails lists and do not open the emails I get due to the content.

I open them because of the ‘sender’.

And to get to the level where your mails are opened because they are from you takes time!

What’s more, I consider JayKay better at paid ads (I have learnt a lot from him on that topic) than email.

But, I also know that JayKay is a great and knowledgable marketer and a good guy so I had a look.

This is my honest opinion on his new product called The Hive.

The Hive Review Video



The Hive Review of the Funnel

The Hive review

FE Main Training: The Hive ($12.95)

The Hive is a training that shows students how top marketers are leveraging the power of email marketing to grow their massively successful online businesses.

OTO #1: Inboxxr ($15 +  $29.95/mth)

Email marketing membership program which teaches students how to create sales emails and engaging content.

OTO #1 Downsell : Inboxxr Trial ($1)

$1 trial to get access to all of Inboxxr for 7 days.  $29.95/mth after 7 day trial.

OTO #2: Essential Pages ($47)

Essential Pages is a collection of  tutorials that teaches marketers how to create the 8 essential pages to make money online: The squeeze page, bridge page, sales page, upsell page, downsell page, order page, advertorial page, and thank you page. 

OTO #3: Done-For-You Email Sequence ($297)

This DFY offer includes a complete A-Z email campaign that will be delivered automatically to your email subscribers.

OTO #3 Downsell : Done-For-You Email Sequence ($197)

The only products available will be JayKay’s current products.

You will be entitled to choose ONE of these products to create a custom sequence, and they will be guaranteed approval as an affiliate to promote.


  • Cheaply priced
  • Well delivered and well taught
  • Easy to Consume


  • I would not have chosen these marketers to analyze their emails (personal choice)


This is a well taught product at a cheap price on a very important topic, and therefore recommended.

You’ll still need to study and implement but that’s normal for all things that work.

I would get it plus OTO 2 at a minimum.

NOTE: Goes live on Aug 19th, 2020 at 10AM EST

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The Asigo System

The Hive Bonus Pack

About a month ago, I sat down with JayKay and interviewed him about paid traffic.

He shared some amazing insights over 75 minutes.

The Hive Review

I have not showed this to anyone outside of my VMI crew.

But you can watch and learn from a paid traffic master as a bonus if you get The Hive via this page.


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