Why You Are Failing – A Rant

Last updated on October 16, 2020

Why You Are Failing

I am going to go on a rant here but the target is YOU!
Well, maybe you and maybe not you.

Depends who YOU are.

If you are already succeeding and making money then this is not for, nor aimed at you.

If you are brand spanking new, then this is not for YOU either, but be warned.

You may become ‘this’ person.

Now, if you are STILL struggling despite ‘trying for a long time’ then it is for YOU.

If this post angers you, makes you want to lash out at me.


Hopefully It might wake you the fuck up and light a fire under your arse.

And if you still want to blame everyone else, then this whole game might not be for you.

Not everyone is cut out for it.

There’s no shame in that.

Why You Are Failing

Some people feel more comfortable working and providing a service for money as opposed to being an entrepreneur.

And that is a good thing.

But it seems everyone wants the good stuff, without doing what’s needed.

Why You Are Failing


What has prompted this?

I’m tired of seeing a lack of focus, a lack of discipline, a lack of seeing things through long term from so many people in my ‘social media world’.

I see it everywhere.

I see folk in here, who are in a gazillion other groups all commenting on posts, all wanting the ‘info’ all liking posts and dabbling in stuff but never ‘doing’ anything.

Nice, good folk for the mast part.

All wanting to make money but not prepared to do what it really takes.

Many of these people Email me privately or PM me on FB asking for advice of various kinds.

I do not mind this and am happy to help and I do 99% of the time.

Yet ‘almost’ no-one acts on what is given.

That requires too much effort I guess.

My advice is not what they want to hear.

I do not provide the allusive hack or loophole they think exists.

Not that secret traffic source or software that claims it’ll make you filthy rich.

People like to ask but hate to commit to ‘doing’.

And I mean really commit.

Like the one guy who, after a year still has not chosen a fucking niche.

Or the other person who has ignored every bit of advice I have ever given and is now desperate and still wants my time.

Or the person who has joined VMI 4 times, yet I have never even seen a damn video and still see him asking for info on every fucker’s clickbait shite.

Some of these folk have been booted from here already.

Some other fucker can have them.

Why do people act like this?

Why do seemingly good folk, not want to commit to anything?

People make so many excuses

+ I’m too old (Never too old)

+ I do not have the money (enjoying cable TV though)

+ I do not have the time (lazy fucker)

+ Lack of tech skills (outsource that shit)

+ Add something else here….

Why You Are Failing

You know…

I had zero tech skills or business experience.

I worked full time 6 days a week.

Back then got home at 10 PM and then struggled to make head or tails of training I had invested in.

I had no savings to invest in higher-ticket stuff (but I was resourceful enough to get it and find a way).

I’m no-one special and many folk are much more successful than me.

(What equates to success is open to debate).

But I put in the work (made shit loads of mistakes) and once I got rid of the excuses, gradually made some $$.

There are ways around ALL the above excuses.


It ultimately comes down to a few things.

Why You Are Failing: Lack of hunger

I do not care what you tell yourself, many of you do not have the desire to make this work.

And hunger cannot be taught.

Even when I was struggling I knew I would make this work.

But I also knew it would not happen if I kept making the same mistakes.

Unrealistic expectations

You cannot expect to do things for a week, a month, heck even a year and suddenly be great.

If someone who could not read music nor play a single chord picked up a guitar and practiced 4-5 times a week for a year, they would prob still be pretty basic.

But they would be much better than a year ago.

Still not gonna get in a band or be able to play to a high level though (unless you are some rare gifted phenomenon).

Same online.

So, you took a course and still are not rich after 6 months.

Guess what!

That’s fucking normal.

Especially if you were brand spanking new when you began.

Seriously, what do you expect?

Why You Are Failing

ANY new skill takes time, focus and discipline to get good at.

But no, you expect results after 6 months and when they do not come, you join a new program, or worse yet, try 20 new things all while trying to get good at the first thing.

It’s nonsensical.

Why You Are Failing: Lack of focus/discipline 

There’s lots to learn in becoming a digital marketer or someone who can make a living online.

Why You Are Failing

And it’s not helped when you jump from cock to cock.

And this is what many of you are like.

Cock jumpers who have zero game plan but are happy to buy an Instagram course, then apply it for 3 seconds before you buy a new plugin to put on your site that test zero visitors and makes the Elephant man look like a Victoria Secret’s model.


We all wanna make money.

But ask yourself how!!

And I do not mean in the tech sense.

I mean what do YOU have, that can help a group of people.

If you can help a specific group of folk more forward, then you can set stuff up to make money.

Look at your skillset, your interests and then see if you can identify a pocket of people that you can help.

Not finding some crap Warrior plus offer and trying to flog it out of desperation.

Or joining a program that teaches you how to sell that program.

Things like MOBE got shut down for a reason.

If you are good or experienced in something, then why not set up a newsletter that you charge $4.95 PM (for example) that targets one group of folk.

Maybe it’s parents of toddlers as an example.

This is a group of folk that will never disappear.

If your stuff is good, even when the toddlers get older, the parents will buy stuff for kids, teenagers etc.…

That’s one random example.

But everyone wants to join IM.

And teach folk how to make money when they have made none themselves????

If you MUST go that route, get good at one aspect.

Tracking, copywriting, WordPress, FB ads…whatever.

Practice what you preach and sell your courses or tools on it.

BRAND YOU as the expert, not another person.

The other option is to choose ONE business model.

Years ago, I chose video as my ‘thing’ and still do it today.

No fucking about trying to dabble in PLR or E-com or Kindle publishing.

For the record, PLR and E-com or Kindle publishing are all great models but you cannot be good at it all.

So, I chose ONE thing.

Let’s say you resonate more with the E-com model.

Then go for that.

Invest in something from someone who is doing well and stick to it.

But fucking commit to it.

And do not complain when, after 3-6 months, you’ve made no money.

There is a lot to learn.

Especially if you are starting from scratch.

Why You Are Failing

And you have to have self-discipline and focus.

I do not have an E-com store,  but I do know that I’d need to research and validate a niche, find stuff to sell, set up a store, automate things, learn traffic, tracking, invest in ads…. ALL of these are skills.


If you suddenly open your emails and see some cunt promoting a new IM offer and you go the sales page, then use your brain.

Learn to say NO.

If it truly can help you move forward then BUY it but only if it can help you.


If you chose to follow the e-com model and you think my VMI course (as an example) can help you get more exposure to your store then get it.

But use it!

If you are unwilling to make videos, or have too much on your plate then do not.


Speaking of my VMI course I see these issues there too.

Some people join, knuckle down, learn and implement.

Not everyone posts or tells the world about it but this is what some do.

Several of these folk are not in here nor the VMI FB group but we speak via email.

Well done to those people.

Why You Are Failing


Others do fuck all, leave, then amazingly, come back, then do fuck all again, then leave, then come back.


F O C U S.

Rant over.

PS…I do want EVERYONE to succeed.

But it’s plain to me at least that only a few will.

No naming names or any of that.

Make sure that you are part of the ‘few’.

I made a more PC version on Why You Are Failing to make money online below


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