Vid Reaper Review

Episode 176 – Vid Reaper Review

Vid Reaper Review Oct 10th @ 10AM EST to Oct 14th 11:59PM EST Vid Reaper is a Cloud based software that finds profitable topics, titles and keywords so that you can create videos that dominate. Or at least that what it says. The key to YouTube is not just making and ranking videos, but you…

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Turnkey Profit Machines Review

Episode 175 – Turnkey Profit Machines Review

Turnkey Profit Machines Review 8th October 2016 @ 10am US EST Turnkey Profit Machines is an E-commerce case study showing exactly how Phil Schaffer has set up his business: what he sells, how much he sells for, how much he buys for, where he gets the traffic in order to sell $38,000 of product and generate a…

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Live Stream Genius Review

Episode 174 – Live Stream Genius Review

Live Stream Genius Review Launching September 30th (11 AM EST) The ability to upload pre-recorded videos as YouTube Live events gives you a ton of SEO juice. So when I released my Tube Traffic Alchemy course (not for sale anymore), it proved very popular. This was because I exposed a way to grab a free software…

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Motion Ads Review

Episode 173 – Motion Ads Review

Motion Ads Review Goes Live on September 24 @11AM EST I’m a terrible graphics guy. Photoshop confuses me. But I know how valuable a good image can be for marketing. That also means I spend money on outsourcing all my graphics. I need to take the time to learn the basics and Motion Ads will…

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Video Ads Crash Course Review

Episode 172 – Video Ads Crash Course Review

Video Ads Crash Course Review Live Thursday September 22nd at 11am EDT! I only really follow 3 people in the world of YouTube Ads. Tommie Powers, Tom Breeze and Justin Sardi. Now, I know there are many other experts, some of who I may not know but these 3 guys are great. One of these…

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7 Day Profit System Review

Episode 171 – 7 Day Profit System Review

7 Day Profit System Review Click Here at 10AM EST on Sept 17th. The other day, I was lucky enough to interview David Fearon. David has recently been able to quit his 9-5 job using his method of monetizing Facebook groups. I had seen his postings on Facebook on how he was growing groups and…

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Episode 170 – Tube Amplify Review

Tube Amplify Review Get the Cheapest Price here on Sept 20th at 11AM EST Tube Amplify is something almost all people will be promoting. Peter Beattie is a very big affiliate, at least in the JVZoo arena and as such, people will be promoting this as they want his reciprocation. In fact, I have spoken…

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YouTube Channel Mastery

Episode 169 – YouTube Channel Mastery Relaunch Review

YouTube Channel Mastery Relaunch Review THURSDAY 15th SEPTEMBER 09.00 EST A few months ago, I released what I consider to be one of my best courses, YouTube Channel Mastery. If you have it already then no need to grab it again of course. But if not, then I really think you’ll benefit from this. Whether…

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Content Kingpin Review

Episode 168 – Content Kingpin Review

Content Curation Mastery Click here at 9AM EST on Aug 30th Today we are going to look at something called Content Kingpin which is from the team at Semantic Mastery. If you’ve never heard of them, then I’ll tell you what I know. Semantic Mastery is a team of entrepreneurs, headed by Bradley Benner, who specialise…

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CPA Display Academy Review

Episode 167 – CPA Display Academy Review

CPA Display Academy Review Click here on Aug 25th @ 10 AM EST to get our unique Bonus  Package CPA Display Academy is a training on Native Ads using RevContent as the network. I know for a fact that the Rev Content  Native Ads combo works. First let’s get a bit of background on what…

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