Unstoppable Live Profits Review

Episode 161 – Unstoppable Live Profits Review

Unstoppable Live Profits Review Launching July 22 (11AM EST) Seems there is a lot of hype about YouTube Live Events these days. This post will review one of these products called Unstoppable Live Profits. It is by Vick Carty, Dexter Pagliwanan and Ray Lane. It has its pros and cons and my video was brutally honest.…

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Live Event Blaster Review

Episode 160 – Live Event Blaster Review

Live Event Blaster Review Goes live July 15th @11AM EST Live Events are by far the best way to rank a video. A few months ago now, I released my Tube Traffic Alchemy training (no longer available) which focused on Live event to upload pre-recorded video. YouTube love these and it it’s so much easier…

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Episode 159 – IM Product Launching 2.0 Review

 IM Product Launching 2.0 Review Click Here @ 9AM EST July 12th One of the best thing I ever did was to launch my own product. A few years ago I create a course called YouTube Traffic Massacre. Do not Google it as you may see some gory images of things you probably do not…

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Penny Clicks 4 Profit Review

Episode 158 – Penny Clicks 4 Profit Review

Penny Clicks 4 Profit Review – A CPA Masterclass Click here for the lowest possible price Penny Clicks for Profit is a CPA Training but you will not see it being promoted heavily. Why? well, the creator Tobias Ockermuller is not splashing it all over JVZoo. This is actually a good thing. It won’t get…

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Endless Content Formula

Episode 157 – Endless Content Formula Interview

Endless Content Formula Goes live: Tues June 28- 9AM ET Endless Content Formula Review: For many people, coming up with ideas can be a real problem. And in this day and age when we need to be creating content consistently, that’s an issue. Today, I spoke with my friend Nathan Zadworny about how he comes up with…

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Episode 156 – Viddyoze 2.0 Review

Viddyoze 2.0 Review Live at 11AM EST June 28th A while back, Viddyoze was released and was more than just a success. It was insane and to date is one the best ever selling products on Jvzoo. Well, Joey, David and Jamie are releasing Viddyoze 2.0 on June 11th and this post is a review…

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Video Course Cash Kit Review

Episode 155 – Video Course Cash Kit Review

Video Course Cash Kit Review LAUNCHING JUNE 19TH 11AM – JUNE 21ST MIDNIGHT In the review today, I am going over Video Course Cash Kit. Now while on the surface this looks like a product by Brett Rutecky and Mike from Maine, it actually isn’t. But it’s all good. They got a partner to make…

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Audience Press Review

Episode 154 – Audience Press Review

Audience Press Review Goes live on June 17th @ 10AM EST Tracking is one of the most complicated things, at least in my mind, for affiliate and CPA marketers to learn and master. There are a few reasons for this: + There is little training on the complexities of tracking as it does not really…

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stealthtube Review

Episode 153 – StealthTube Review

StealthTube Review Goes live June 9th @ 11 AM EST StealthTube is hands down one of the best products I have reviewed in a long time. Mark Marcelletti, the creator has his own agency in LA California and knows his stuff. StealthTube is a plugin but is really much more than that. It allows viewers to interact…

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YouTube Channel Mastery

Episode 152 – YouTube Channel Mastery Review

YouTube Channel Mastery Goes live @ 9AM EST June 1st YouTube Channel Mastery is my new course about…… Wait for it….. Youtube Channels! How did you guess? Ok… joking aside, quite a few people expressed to me that they did not know ho to properly create and optimize a YouTube channel for maximum effect! So here we…

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