How to make an animated GIF

How to Create a GIF [Then Add to Email]

How to Create a GIF Today I’m not reviewing anything, just a free training on a cool little trick I’ve been using recently. This will make your emails stand out by adding what looks like a part of your video but is actually a gif or animated image. The only thing is, to follow the…

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Episode 210 – Tube Buddy Review Don’t Buy Without Reading

Tube Buddy Review Tube Buddy is a YouTube management Tool kit that many top marketers use. Personally, I’ve been using it for a while now and love many of the features. If you have a YouTube channel and are serious about growing your business on that platform, then you should continue reading. Tube Buddy works…

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Instant Spokesperson 4

Episode 209 – Instant Spokesperson 4 Review

Instant Spokesperson 4 Review June 02,2017 @ 10AM EDT (Early Bird FE Price $14.95) No, I’ve not gone back to the dark side by reviewing dodgy IM products. Though there are a lot of them, so that would be easy if I wanted. Anyhow this is neither a training nor software. Put simply, you get 12 HD…

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Freedym Review

Episode 208 – Freedym Review

Freedym Review Check it out here Membership sites are one of the best ways to get some form of stability in your income. From the customer’s prospective paying a monthly fee can be both good and bad, depending on how good the treatment is. If a site is not updated, then it can seem kinda…

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Social Video Ads Review

Episode 207 – Social Video Ads Review

Social Video Ads Review Cart Opens May 16th at 11AM EST Social Video Ads Peaked my interest a it is, a) A video course, b) About a topic I have trained on in the past and c) The vendor is someone I know and trust. So it should be good right? Well, that’s for me…

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VidBuilder FX Review

Episode 206 – VidBuilder FX Review

VidBuilder FX Review Goes Live May 15th @ 11AM EST Video is huge. But you knew that already. Whether you are doing Facebook Video, YouTube or hopefully both. One of the hardest thing is the creation of good quality content. And what converts on YouTube does not always work on Facebook. If you want your…

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GB Cracked Review

Episode 205 – GB Cracked Review

GB Cracked Review Goes live on May 14th @10AM EST Facebook ads courses are a dime a dozen. some are good, others bad. So when I heard about another one I as not sure I could be bothered. But I know and like the guys behind it so I looked. In short, it’s a FB…

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LiveCaster Review

Episode 204 – LiveCaster Review

LiveCaster Review April 28th @ 11AM EST I’ve been extolling the virtues of doing YouTube live vides for years now. Why? coz it works for rankings. All things being equal, a video uploaded as a live event will outrank a regular video and a Google hangout. I’ve proven this through testing and I’m not the…

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IM Video Masters Review

Episode 203 – IM Video Masters Review

IM Video Masters Review Goes live April 26th 10:00AM EST– ends at 11:59PM, Sunday April 30th Video related courses get released all the time so when I saw another one, I was not so keen to check it out at first. But Kevin Fahey is a well-respected marketer and it was the first time I had seen…

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Board Commander Review

Episode 202 – Board Commander Review

Board Commander Review Launching April 23rd 10am – April 26th midnight Pinterest is a great traffic source. But it’s not used nor well understood by many. I’d hedge a bet that most people think it’s a place where women share food and fashion pics and other related images. It may have more women than men…

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